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Training and Workshops

With its training sessions and workshops, VIVA helps you to help yourself. Therefore we train both end users in the use of the software as well as graphic designers, system integrators, developers, consultants and agencies. The training sessions offer both an introduction to the technology and also concrete assistance in the completion of specific tasks. Within the framework of the workshop, we identify with the customer exactly what is needed and develop the strategies and solutions for a successful application of the publishing products in the organisation.

Service and Support

With and after the implementation of VIVA products, the customer has an extensive service and support offer available. Starting with a day, night and weekend service, right up to guaranteed reaction and solution times, VIVA offers »First Level« and »Second Level« support in different languages. A concrete example: A multinational corporation implemented the VIVA technology in fourteen languages. VIVA gave the customer worldwide support in several languages.

About Viva

VIVA develops software for graphic design as well as for optimizing and automating marketing and layout processes for corporations in all branches as well as the graphics industry. With more than 200,000 users and customers, VIVA today is one of the leading suppliers of media services and software products. Learn more ...

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