Publishing solutions and concepts for churches

VIVA publishing technology, particularly the typesetting and layout program VivaDesigner, is ideally suited for use in church organisations.

With VivaDesigner you create professional layouts for church newspapers, community magazines, mailings, information sheets, posters and much more.

With the Free Edition, you and your members have a free of charge program that runs on all operating systems and is easy to use.

By contrast to the free of charge Free Edition, the NGO/NPO Edition for church organisations offers hyphenation, dictionaries, spell checking and a PDF output at a very low price. You can of course exchange documents between the NGO/NPO* Edition and the Free Edition, so that not all members need to buy a license.

An overview of the editions and their functions can be found here: VivaDesigner Desktop and Web Editions

What makes VivaDesigner different from other programs for church organisations?

With the mass of programs that have recently come into the market, it is even for a professional very hard to understand and decide which tool is the best. We have collected a few aspects for you that explain why VivaDesigner is a very good choice for your club/society in every case:

1. High-end DTP program

VivaDesigner is a professional typesetting and layout program for all platforms. It is comparable with such programs as “Adobe InDesign®” and “QuarkXPress®” and in some areas offers more functions than these high end DTP programs. In thousands of cases, VivaDesigner is used in the Media sector and by corporations for the creation of professional print documents. VivaDesigner is a “genuine” layout program, not “word processing with layout options”, like “MS-Word®” or “Apple Pages®”. VivaDesigner fulfils all printers’ requirements.

2. Simplicity and functionality

Users confirm repeatedly that despite having over 1.000 functions, VivaDesigner has a very clear structure and is very easy to use. Furthermore, for professional organisations VivaDesigner offers the additional option of limiting the editing functions of documents. In this way usage becomes so simple that even a layman with basic knowledge of word processing or photo books will find his way around, although he is using a professional layout program. For the layman all the locked functions will be completely switched off and not just grayed out. We call this technology “Distributed Publishing”.

If you want more information about Distributed Publishing with VivaDesigner click here.

3. Price-performance relation

VivaDesigner is the only commercial high end DTP program to be available not only as a licensed version but also as a full free of charge program version. There are of course other free layout programs, but these frequently do not fulfill the requirements of printers or bind you to one (print) service provider. The licensed version offers all the functions of the commercial full version for a fraction of the price of comparable software.

4. Desktop and/or Web

VivaDesigner is the only layout program in the world that runs on the desktop on ALL operating systems and in the Web in ALL modern browsers. You or your members/colleagues can therefore decide for yourselves if the documents should be edited on the desktop or in the Web. Even a combination of desktop and Web is possible.

5. Compatibility

All editions are able to import or open files from other programs such as “Adobe InDesign®” (in IDML format), “MS-Word®” (im RTF-Format) or “MS-Excel®” (by Drag & Drop). The licensed version is also able to write documents in InDesign format (IDML). Thus you have the surety of being able to import your data into other programs at any time. As far as we know, only VivaDesigner can do this (Status Feb. 2014).

6. Upgradability

With VIVA publishing technology, documents can not only be created manually with VivaDesigner, but also semiautomatically or fully automatically via databases or Web applications.

If you want more information about VIVA publishing processes click here.

Act now!

With over 200,000 users and customers, VIVA today is one of the leading suppliers of media services and software products. Service bureaus and end users worldwide use our publishing products to create catalogs, books, posters and billboards and print products of all kinds, and put their trust in our services. Millions of pages and documents are produced with VIVA products every year.

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