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Database Publishing® was already significantly invented and developed by VIVA (or VIVA employees) at the end of the 1980’s. One of the first products with a Database Publishing interface was the typesetting and layout program “LinoPage” (1989-1991) and later “VivaPress” (1992-1994), “VivaPress Professional” (1994-2005) and with effect from 2005 “VivaDesigner” and “VivaNWP Designer”.

What is “Database Publishing”?

“Database Publishing®” is a technology for linking a layout program to a data source. Graphic documents can be created automatically using Database Publishing based on this connection. Instead of creating content such as text or images manually and placing them on a page, the content of a database is placed on the page using a set of rules. These rules define which content is placed in which position on the page or which typographic attributes or formatting a text should have.

What technical solutions are there for “Database Publishing”?

“Database Publishing” is not always “Database Publishing”. There are huge differences between the various solutions. VIVA distinguishes between the following „Database Publishing“ variations and solutions:

1. Manual “Database Publishing”
The manual (classical) automatic creation of documents with a desktop application, which is driven by graphic designer/expert. Manual means in this case that the graphic designer/expert must start the creation manually.

2. Semi-automatic “Database Publishing”:
Creation of documents with a desktop application. Semi-automatic means in this case that
a) content (text, images) is placed on a page in existing elements and may be assigned with attributes and collated automatically.
b) predefined elements and combinations of elements are placed on a page. This technology can be used to place ready-made page sections that could not be produced automatically on a page.

3. Fully automatic “Database Publishing”
Fully automatic creation of documents based on a template and a data source, bnut based on a server application.

With VIVA products you can of course apply all the “Database Publishing” solutions and technologies described.

What legal aspects are there for “Database Publishing”?

The term “Database Publishing®” is a registered trademark of VIVA GmbH and not a general term as is sometimes erroneously assumed. If you use the term “Database Publishing” (e.g. in brochures, on Web pages, in advertising, etc.) you must add a footnote containing the following trademark information: “Database Publishing®” is a registered trademark of VIVA GmbH. On Websites you must include a link to our Website (“”).

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