Duisburg/Koblenz, February 2003

With a turnover of over 1 billion Euro and over 1 million holidaymakers Alltours is one of the five biggest tour operators in Germany.

Up to now the production of catalogue pages and price information was carried out with traditional layout programs. This production is of course very complicated and time-consuming. To save further costs, increase efficiency and produce catalogues more quickly, Alltours spent months researching and comparing the systems available.

Alltours finally decided on the »VivaIP« Server technology, which for the first time enables a fully automatic catalogue production for a tour operator in Germany.

Management of the tour products and catalogue planning is done by the tour operator with the Enterprise Content Management »VivaGate«. This product was originally designed by VIVA as an internal editing and publishing solution and in the new Version 2.0 presents a complex database system, with which publishing systems, product databases or catalogue planning can be created.

Alltours uses »VivaGate« with a nomal Internet browser as a product, text and picture database, as well as a planning tool for all future catalogues. By linking up with the »VivaIP«-Server of the service bureau O/R/T in Krefeld, the Alltours employees can produce single catalogue pages, whole sections or even complete catalogues at a keystroke with the help of the Internet.

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