VIVA presents VivaDesigner 11: A breakthrough alternative to Adobe InDesign

It is with great pride that VIVA presents the brand new VivaDesigner 11, a groundbreaking product that not only stands as the perfect alternative to Adobe InDesign, but also expands the possibilities of designers and developers in unprecedented ways.

VIVA, the renowned software developer based in Koblenz, Germany, has officially launched VivaDesigner 11. This innovative product positions itself as the ultimate replacement for Adobe InDesign, but offers much more than just an alternative.

One of the most distinctive features of VivaDesigner 11 is its Web Edition. This allows InDesign documents to be easily edited and customized online in the browser. But that is not all. The Web Edition of VivaDesigner 11 can be seamlessly integrated into any website or application, making it an invaluable tool for software developers.

Despite the impressive number of over 400 new features, VivaDesigner 11 offers an intuitive user experience. Thanks to a flexible interface that adapts to the skills of each individual, both professionals and non-professionals are offered a customized design experience.

A look at the most important features of VivaDesigner 11 illustrates its uniqueness:

1. Web Edition: Boundless online accessibility and real-time collaboration.
2. Flexible Interface: Customizable interface for any skill level.
3. AI-based Tools: Revolutionary translation features and image freeing through advanced AI technology.
4. Free Edition: A version that can open InDesign on Windows, macOS, and even Linux, and create PDFs.
5. Buy or rent: In a subscription-dominated industry, VIVA offers an attractive purchase approach with upgrades starting at just €19.

The full range of features that VivaDesigner 11 has to offer can be viewed in detail at

“VivaDesigner 11 is not only an answer to the needs of today’s market, but sets new standards for the entire industry. With its combination of user-friendliness, innovation and cost-effectiveness, we have created a product that is invaluable for both individual users and large companies,” said Andreas Krings, Managing Director of VIVA.

About VIVA:
Based in Koblenz, Germany, VIVA is a pioneer in the design software industry and stands for groundbreaking innovations and the highest quality standards.

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