Comfortable Output

VivaPosterize offers all the functions that are necessary for a perfect output of the documents. You have the free choice of outputting to a laser printer, Proofing unit (plotter), film phototypesetter, CTP system or CTS (screen) system.

Scaling and Tiling
Within the capabilities of your printer driver, you can scale the spread as you wish and with the help of VivaPosterize divide it, if your output unit is smaller than the spread.

Composite or Color Separated
VivaPosterize allows the output of data as a composite print or color-separated.
Spot colors are recognized by VivaPosterize and output with their required rastering. Spot colors can also if required be converted into process colors. Spot colors can also be separated into other colors. If there has been an error in the creation of the data, so that the same color with another name appears twice in the document, this can be output together with the required color.

Black Overprint
VivaPosterize can if required offer the function of black overprint. This also goes for data that normally do not support this function (e.g. MS Word, etc.)

InRIP Technology
VivaPosterize is the first program to thoroughly support InRIP Technology. With the help of this technology the speed of output of colored spreads has been increased dramatically. At the same time with the help of the InRIP Technology RGB colors, which often appear in a variety of data (e.g. MS Word, etc.) can be color-separated for a high quality output.

OPI Support
VivaPosterize naturally supports all OPI systems for picture output.

Marks and Spread Inscription
Insofar as the user does not change the standard settings, specific color marks and the spread inscription are printed with every job. The output of the spread inscription relates also to the punch holes, so that there is no possibility of important information being cut out.

High State of Automation

VivaPosterize was designed for productions of high capacity and quality. To reduce significantly the number of sources for entry error simple and logical workflow containing a high degree of automation was developed. This is made possible by dividing the program into user and administrator mode.

Extremely High Speed
Through co-operation with large printing companies, VivaPosterize was conceived from the very beginning for large amounts of data and a very high speed of operation.

Therefore the whole process takes place in just a few minutes. This is among other reasons possible, because with the simple user interface all the relevant information can be entered within this time scale.

Automation & Error Reduction
Both the program and the administrator define how the program should behave under certain conditions.

Excellent Tiling and Montage

In the template the user can predefine a large number of parameters. As well as the tiling template, the height and width of every single section of the poster, overlapping on several sides, job-specific section numbering and many other options may be defined. Even a job-specific spread group, in which it may be possible that poster sections are not mounted in their normal order, is definable.

Within the framework of the spread group definition the same mark may be positioned differently on different sections or press sheets. To save paper, the remaining section or sections of a poster may be mounted fully automatically in multiple copies on a press sheet.

Flexible Data Import

VIVAPOSTERIZE can import all the relevant image formats, such as EPS, LAY, TIFF, CT, LW or also all PDF files (PDF Format 1.6).

Data already imported can be updated automatically when the original data is altered. In this way last minute changes of content are possible at any time.