Consulting & Development

Example for VIVA Design Consulting

Design Consulting

Many graphic designers produce excellent layouts, but seldom take any automation into consideration.

A concrete example:
A concern asked a layout Professor to create a concept for a new catalog layout. The result looked excellent, but for the customer’s application unusable. Our experienced designers and experts in automatic design show you how your layout can be better automated and how you can save even more space – and thereby also money.

VIVA Organisation Consulting

Organisation Consulting

After an extensive analysis, we show you how you can improve your processes in the creation of documents and printed material. If the product information system »VivaGate« is applied, VIVA can use the extensive concept of user rights and roles to improve organisation and processes. With »VivaGate«, all the employees, freelancers, customers, dealers, local country reps, suppliers, and even internal as well as external service suppliers (agencies, printers, translation bureaus) can be organised perfectly.

VIVA Data Consulting

Data Consulting

Experience has shown that the preparation of company data is a truly critical point in the implementation of publishing projects. Together with the customer, VIVA explores the possibilities of using existing databases and data sources, checks the data quality and provides ways and solutions to raise the quality or get around quality problems.

A concrete example:
A customer had over 30,000 images, of which a great many had the same content, but had been saved with another name. The solution: VIVA developed a program, in just a few days, to analyse all images electronically, compare every pixel, rename recognised duplicates automatically and copy them to a predefined folder. This was a task for which a single person would need months to complete.

VIVA Project Management

Project Management

At the start of a project, VIVA creates a specification document, in which the project, its goals, the equipment required, the technology, the organisation, deadlines and the data basis are described exactly. The subsequent implementation of the project is made according to this specification.

VIVA Software Development

Software Development

VIVA offers inexpensive solutions on the basis of its standard products. Within the framework of new customer requirements, VIVA if possible develops new modules, which after development are available to all customers. Thus the costs of a possible program extension are reduced considerably.

A concrete example:
A customer needed to be able to combine his images in a specific order. For this, VIVA developed the universal tool »VivaGate Composer«, with which any elements can be laid out according to requirements.

Developer support

All VIVA products possess an open interface which may be used by third party suppliers and software developers. VIVA offers software developers who want to integrate VIVA products in their developments or organisations an extensive developer service. This includes the supply of the source code for different applications. A concrete example: A customer wanted to combine his product database with the VIVA Publishing Server to produce catalogs. VIVA provided the customer’s development department with suitable examples in source code text that the developer then only needed to integrate into his application. Within one day, the control of the VIVA Publishing Server was integrated into the customer’s database application.