Database Publishing with VivaNWP Designer

The most powerful Database Publishing tool on the market, developed by one manufacturer as an »all-in-one« product. Why? Because due to its ability to create complex documents fully automatically and at the same time offer a simple user interface that enables but does not require additional programming.

“VivaNWP Designer” is, in a nutshell, a programmable layout program with links to a database or data source. Thus individually created layout templates may be filled/updated automatically with database content. Based on »VivaDesigner«, VivaNWP Designer offers many additional graphic functions such as dynamic tables, graphs and charts or bar codes. The benefit: With the integrated rule structure, graphic designers or database users can achieve perfect results, without being programmers or learning a programming language. In this way it is unnecessary in most cases to use the integrated programming languages »Java Script« or »PHP«, which are praised by the professionals.

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