VivaDesigner Server

With the help of the VivaDesigner Server it is possible to open and edit VivaDesigner or InDesign files directly in the browser.

  • The VivaDesigner Server can be easily integrated into any website or web application.
  • Test it directly on our website or use VivaCloud with the integrated VivaDesigner Server.
  • Through the interaction of desktop and/or web applications, the VivaDesigner Server enables completely innovative processes in the communication with your customers.
  • The functionality and precision correspond to those of VivaDesigner. This means that there are no differences between the desktop or browser display and the later PDF version, regardless of the browser or operating system used.
  • No additional extensions such as Flash or JAVA are required for editing in the browser. Likewise, installation on the desktop is not necessary. This also applies to fonts.