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The “VivaDoc Server” is a server for automatic conversion of documents. The “VivaDoc Server” can convert VIVA XML, Adobe® InDesign® IDML or native VIVA documents into PDF, VIVA XML, Adobe® InDesign® IDML or native VIVA documents files. The “VivaDoc Server” can for example be used in conjunction with Online Shops if users want to create VIVA documents and output these as Hi-Res PDFs. The VivaDoc Server is also extremely well suited for applications in “Distributed Publishing”, where the user may have limited output rights, and a central server takes over the task of creating the PDFs. Also, organizations may use the VivaDoc Server in conjunction with the “Free Edition” of VivaDesigner, which does not enable PDF output.

Note: The “VivaDesigner Server” has no possibility of creating PDFs from VivaDesigner documents automatically. The background is the fact that this function is frequently not required or that another Viva Publishing Server must create the PDFs. This is for example the case when as well as the “VivaDesigner Server” another Publishing Server is used to process forms. This server can also create PDFs.

Price model
You can buy or rent the “VivaDoc Server”. In both cases, as with all Viva servers, the execution of a service and support contract is obligatory. The annual service and support charge is 16% of the purchase price.

About Viva

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