VivaDesigner Server

What is the VivaDesigner Server?

  • With the help of the VivaDesigner Server, it is possible to open and modify VivaDesigner or InDesign files directly in the browser.
  • The VivaDesigner Server can be easily integrated into any website or web application.

  • By combining desktop and/or web applications, VivaDesigner Server enables completely innovative processes in communicating with your customers.
  • The functionality and precision are the same as those of VivaDesigner. This means that there are no differences between the desktop or browser rendering and the later PDF version, regardless of the browser or operating system used.
  • For editing in the browser, no additional extensions such as Flash or JAVA are needed. Likewise, installation on the desktop is not necessary. This also applies to fonts.
  • For whom is the technology suited?

  • Agencies, printers and Media Service providers can develop completely new and streamlined processes in the layout, editing and proofing of documents and of communication with their customers.
  • End users and corporations world-wide can jointly edit, manage and exchange documents with complex layouts in every functionality, every typographic quality and every language in a simple way.
  • Solution providers and software developers can provide programs or Websites with which users can create new documents or edit existing ones. Thus software developers can complete the product portfolio.
  • Internet providers and IT departments can offer public or private Cloud services around the subject of publishing, graphic design and editing.
  • What advantages does the technology offer?

  • Every operating system
    With the “VivaDesigner Web Edition” it makes no difference if you are working with a Mac, Windows or Linux computer. You get the same result on all operating systems.
  • Every browser
    Many “Web-To-Print” applications look different according to the browser in use. This can have fatal consequences for the display of fonts and hyphenation. With the “VivaDesigner Web Edition” you ALWAYS get the same result and ALWAYS the same quality, irrelevant of which HTML5 compatible browser* you use!
  • No Installations
    To use VivaDesigner in the Web, you just need an up-to-date browser. NOTHING must be installed, neither Plug-ins nor “Java” or “Flash”. You just need the naked browser.
  • No updates or viruses
    Since nothing has to be installed, no “Java” or “Flash”, you will never get a virus problem. You don't have to update or upgrade any software to newer versions.
  • No font problems
    If you use VivaDesigner in the Web, there are no more font problems. The days are gone in which the corporate font had to be installed on every computer and you had to work with software that allowed only a limited font range. In many cases, all the fonts required can be embedded in the documents, so that often no installation is necessary.
  • No language problems
    With VivaDesigner, you edit text in every language in the world, including Asian and Middle-Eastern languages. Furthermore, all VIVA programs have a multilingual user interface in many languages, which may be changed at will.
  • Support for Mobile Publishing
    You can even use the “VivaDesigner Web Edition” in a rudimentary way on mobile devices such as Tablets or Smartphones. VIVA will be extending this functionality in the future.
  • No redundancy
    Many users of “Web-to-Print” solutions have to construct their documents twice: Once in the layout program and a special Template Editor. With the VIVA technology this is no longer necessary.
  • Open standard
    With VivaDesigner you don't have to rebuild your designs. Just import documents from “Adobe® InDesign®” and if required re-export them in this format. Thanks to the open XML format, the VIVA technology is accessible for everyone. VIVA documents can be created, saved, managed and edited in every third party application.
  • One solution for pros and beginners
    With the additional module “Distributed Publishing”, you have the option as the document creator/administrator of defining access rights for individual sections of documents. You can define exactly which layout and editing rights your colleagues or customers may have in a VIVA document. Thus with just one software product and depending on requirements, the user has the functionality of a layout program, a word processing or a photo book application at his fingertips.
  • Protect your documents
    As a graphic designer or a printer, you can protect your documents and even individual layers from third-party access with a personalized password. In this way, the user can only make changes according to your wishes. Without the password, no-one can edit or print the document.
  • Work in the Cloud
    With VivaDesigner you define whether a user can use the documents locally or just open them in a network or the Internet. You can define how the documents are returned to you fully automatically or are saved in a network or the Internet.
  • No training
    Due to the compatibility with comparable layout programs, professionals will soon find their way without any major training. If you limit the functionality of the program with access rights, beginners too will not need to learn any new software. In this case, general knowledge of word processing will be sufficient, even for complex layouts.
  • Optional editing system
    If the possibilities provided by access rights are not sufficient for you and several users are to work on a document simultaneously, you can extend VivaDesigner to make a complete editing system.
  • Optional Database Publishing
    If the possibilities provided in the manual creation of documents are not sufficient for you, you can extend VivaDesigner into a “Database Publishing” application and automatically or semi-automatically produce catalogs or price lists based on a database.
  • Optional publishing server
    If the possibilities of “Database Publishing” are not sufficient, you can use VivaDesigner in a server version to produce catalogs, packaging, posters or price lists fully automatically from SAP, a database or a Website.
  • Simple Integration
    VIVA is the perfect tool for software developers, who want to extend their application with publishing functions.
  • License model

    The license model for the “VivaDesigner-Server” relates to a maximum number of users (Instances) with simultaneous access to the server (“Concurrent User Model”). The server registers the number of instances applied and provides each registered user with access to the application. If all the instances are in use, an additional user must wait until another user has closed his instance and thus this instance has become available. Since the usage behavior, i.e. the number of instances required for VivaDesigner, cannot always be exactly predetermined, VIVA offers the so-called “Plus Package”. Please see the details in the section entitled “Plus Package”.

    Price model

    The “VivaDesigner Server” is a completely open and transparent standard software solution that can be configured and extended according to your individual requirements. Compared to other vendors’ products you can either rent or even buy the “VivaDesigner Server”. Whether you rent or buy the software, you can decide for yourself how/where you want to run the “VivaDesigner Server”. You can host the “VivaDesigner Server” on your computers, in your data center or in our data center.

    Thus the following combinations are possible:

  • BUY and host on customer's premises or in any data center
  • BUY and host with VIVA.
  • RENT and host on customer's premises or in any data center
  • RENT and host with VIVA
  • If the software should be run on your computers, the initial installation will be carried out remotely by our technicians. As with all Viva servers, the execution of a service and support contract is obligatory. The annual service and support charge is 16% of the purchase price.

    * Note: Internet Explorer (IE) is NOT an HTML-5 compatible browser

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