General Production Types with VIVA Publishing Solutions

VIVA is one of the leading technology companies worldwide in optimizing marketing processes. Hardly any other manufacturer of standard software offers more options for optimizing marketing processes. VIVA offers four different types of publishing productions:

  • Fully automatic production,
  • Semi-automatic production,
  • Manual production, or
  • Combined production

Option 1: Fully automatic production

With a fully automatic production using VIVA publishing servers, the employees normally don‘t have to learn any new software: The VIVA publishing servers can be integrated into every workflow, so that many users create the marketing documents with a keystroke straight from SAP, MS Navision or other applications such as Excel, Access or Web portals.

For this reason too, the installation of special software on the employee’s workstation is usually unnecessary.

Since the documents are produced in real time, long delays have become a thing of the past. The employee receives the results within just a few seconds. Therefore a document can generally be produced much more cheaply, since with this method all manual tasks become superfluous. A positive side effect: Thanks to the integrated rule system, sources for errors are reduced considerably. The cleft between print and databases or enterprise resource planning (ERP) is closed. Incorrect information such as article numbers, prices or descriptions and technical data in printed matter is finally brought to an end.

Option 2: Semi-automatic production

Even with semi-automatic production, the employees don’t have to learn any new software: With Database Publishing® tools from VIVA, your employees will, after a brief training, create documents that conform to your CD by Drag and Drop. The software can be used on the desktop or even in the Web.

Option 3: Manual production

Even with manual production using VivaDesigner, the employees don’t have to learn any new software: With this software, your employees will immediately create documents that conform to your CD. With the “Distributed Publishing” technology, the program functionality can be steered or reduced in individual stages for every single document. Therefore an employee with basic knowledge of word processing or photo books can work with a complex layout program without training. The company decides the extent of the layout functions that the employee will receive. Furthermore: VIVA is the only supplier worldwide to offer a professional layout program with the same functionality both on the desktop and also in the Web. Through the unique functionality of embedding fonts in an open document, no fonts need to be installed on the employee’s computer. Last but not least: With the “Team Publishing” technology, several employees can even work simultaneously on one document. Even the graphic designer doesn’t need to learn any new software or create documents from scratch, as VIVA products can exchange documents with Adobe InDesign in an excellent quality.

Option 4: Combined production

All types of production can also be combined with one another. Thus a document that has been produced fully automatically can be edited in a manual process at any time.