13: High resolution monitors (UHD, 4K, 5 K)

Display documents perfectly on ultra-high resolution monitors with 4000 or 5000 pixels on all operating systems (Windows & Linux now, Mac OS). All control elements and icons adapt to the monitor resolution and are always displayed as crisp/sharp. Furthermore, as from Version 9 the view command “Original Size” (100%) corresponds to the real page size, irrelevant of the resolution of the monitor.

Technical Note:
In order to support low and high resolution screens at the same time, the way the VivaDesigner works has changed. In older versions images were displayed for symbols/icons in the program. Starting with version 9, the symbols/icons are generated dynamically based on the screen resolution when starting the program. This technique allows for optimal display of symbols/icons on the screen, regardless of the screen resolution.

If you have multiple screens, they should have the same or at least similar resolution, because at the start-up, the program decides on a resolution. This is usually the start-up screen. If you have multiple screens with different resolutions, you should place the control elementss such as palettes and tools on the start-up screen.

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