Help for Import & Export of Adobe InDesign Files

With the Import and Export module for Adobe® IDML, you can open your Adobe® InDesign® documents in VivaDesigner and also if required save them in the Adobe® IDML format.

At present VivaDesigner doesn’t open native InDesign documents in the INDD format, but only in the IDML format. Therefore it is (still) necessary to save the documents in InDesign in the IDML format.

VivaDesigner has at least 95% of all functions that InDesign also possesses, plus some functions that InDesign doesn’t have (font embedding, access rights, etc.). Therefore the import of IDML documents into VivaDesigner is in most cases works almost perfectly, that is, almost all the elements contained in the InDesign document are taken over. In some cases, the quality of the Import filter could still be improved, and therefore we are constantly working hard to improve the filter.

Free InDesign Conversion

We would be grateful for your support, especially if you are not satisfied with the quality of the import. In this case we offer you a free of charge conversion and analysis of your data.

Please send us the documents listed below as a ZIP package. Please give the ZIP file a meaningful name, such as your name and the date.
Example: We need:

– The IDML
– The original *.indd document
– All fonts used (ideally OpenType *.otf or TrueType*.ttf)
– All images used
– An original PDF of the document for checking purposes.
– And most important: Please include a text file with your contact data including mail address and name.

Click here to upload your InDesign documents with all requested files to the VivaCloud

Further Information for Adobe® InDesign® users: Solutions for Adobe® InDesign® Users