Project Management

Security with »Proof of Concept« (POC)

In many cases, customers have problems imagining how a computer can produce a catalog or packaging fully automatically. Sometimes a competing supplier promisedmuch but delivered little. A concrete example: For such cases, VIVA offers a »Proof of Concept« (POC). Within the framework of a prototype it is proven that the software can fulfil its task. If the software is unsuccessful, the customer does not pay a cent. If the solution works, VIVA includes the cost in the project pricing. Thus the customers buys a solution that is tailor-made to function for his specific application. This achieves security and trust.

Project implementation and management

Depending on the order, VIVA takes over the complete management of the project and the responsibility for its implementation. Here we help corporations and service providers to enter easily into an efficient technology showing the way forward. A concrete example: A service provider and his customer wanted to implement the complete VIVA technology and to replace all existing systems in just three months. For time reasons, VIVA took over the project management, built up all the databases, created the templates for the Publishing Server and in the meantime trained the service provider and his customer within the framework of the project implementation (Keyword: »Training on the job«). After all work was completed the service provider and his customer were able to further develop the templates and the databases.


VIVA offers customers who are worried about large investments or whose resources do not allow a fast project turnover to supply the software within a hosting framework. A concrete example: A corporation wanted to introduce the VIVA publishing technology, but had no resources free in his IT department to manage the project or provide support. The solution: VIVA set up the appropriate servers in its computer centre and offered the service in the form of an ASP/Hosting agreement. The customer received FTP access to the server so that he could organise his data.

Purchase, Financing, Rent and Hosting

A further plus for the application of VIVA products is provided by the financing models. As developer of the software, VIVA can offer financing, rent and hosting options.

Successful History

Since its founding in 1994, VIVA has completed all projects successfully and within the agreed deadlines. This speaks for itself.