Protect InDesign Docs

With the additional module “Distributed Publishing”, graphic designers can limit the individual program options and the editing of an InDesign® document on the desktop or in the Web.

Thus the program becomes much simpler to use for end users, and only the areas released to the user may be changed.

This is how it works: Import InDesign® documents in VivaDesigner and, with just a few mouse-clicks, define if a user has, for example, the possibility of entering text or moving images. Colors or Style sheets may be assigned by these users under certain circumstances, but these may not be edited. As the document creator, you protect layers, alias (Master) pages, optionally with an individual password or in the Web with the access rights for the user group/role.

{youtube}j4T1VG1xYlw{/youtube}This video demonstrates how easy it is to edit InDesign/VivaDesigner documents in the Web (VivaCloud).