Publishing solutions and concepts for software developers, IT and service companies

Easily integrate VIVA Publishing applications into your desktop, server or Web application and design/create perfect PDFs, VIVA, XML, or InDesign® documents manually or even fully automatically.

VIVA Publishing applications are the perfect solution for all Web-to-Print, Shop, PIM, CRM, ERP, MIS, MAM, DAM developers, IT consultants, SAAS & Cloud providers, System Houses, etc.

It doesn´t matter if you are a beginner or already work with other libraries to create open documents or PDFs: The VIVA Publishing products and technologies considerably reduce your developer workload and at the same time provide an open system, which offers you and your customers completely new workflows and technical possibilities.

Design manually or create fully automatically:

Optimize your publishing and marketing processes according to your requirements: Design manually, with full or even restricted editing rights, with the desktop or Web edition of VivaDesigner directly in your application. Create documents fully automtically based on templates from databases or other data sources directly in your application.

Manage documents in your application:

VivaDesigner can open and save documents in all supported formats (VIVA, IDML, XML, etc.) directly in databases, Intranet or Internet applications. Thus you can for example ensure that users cannot save your documents locally on their own computers.

Read your parameters from the documents:

VIVA programs support the XMP format for standard information (page preview, document information, etc.) and enables the individual extension of user information in XMP format.

Write or read VIVA documents:

Write or read parts or complete documents in your application, as VivaDesigner documents can be saved completely in XML format.

Transform text into any designs:

With a simple XSL transformation you convert formatted text to HTML on the basis of a “CSS”.

Work with Adobe® InDesign® documents:

With the IDML support module, you can edit and save Adobe® InDesign® documents (from CS4) in your applications.

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