Publishing solutions and concepts for the automotive and spare parts industry

VIVA publishing technology helps national and particularly international companies in the automotive and spare parts industries as well as their national representatives, distributors, retail and wholesale dealers to optimize their marketing processes.

With constantly rising costs and sinking margins, companies in the automotive industry worldwide must act faster and be more flexible. What should one then do, when you have to save on costs and time, present a professional front and at the same time work efficiently?

VIVA provides you with flexible publishing technologies and solutions for manual, semi or fully automatic creation of marketing documents such as catalogs and brochures, posters and billboards, ads, user manuals, price lists, business documents.

Our publishing technology and products help companies in the automotive industry to optimize their communication, co-ordination and creation processes and reduce their marketing costs.

Optimize processes – but how?

Even though the significance of the Internet has increased, no company in the automotive industry can do without the creation of catalogs, brochures, price lists, etc. Particularly the creation of catalogs, brochures and price lists involves long lead times and high costs.

To be sure of maintaining the Company’s CD (Corporate Design), the necessary marketing documents both for the company and also for its business channels are generally produced by ad agencies or internal graphics departments.

As well as the actual graphic production, extensive organizational processes are necessary for the creation of the documents. Communication and co-ordination between the internal and external product managers and the graphic designers with regard to content and appearance is costly and time intensive. To achieve a saving effect, both the internal and external work processes must be accelerated dramatically and investment reduced to a minimum. This is just where the VIVA technology comes in.

The solution with VIVA Publishing technology

With the help of VIVA publishing technology, it is no longer the graphic designer who produces the necessary documents. Instead, the employees in Sales/Marketing or even employees in the national or business representation channels produce the necessary marketing documents themselves.

This happens right away and without any prior knowledge of graphics programs or technical printing requirements. The graphics designers just ensure that the employee has the appropriate templates at his disposal.

Optimize processes according to your requirements

VIVA is one of the leading technology companies worldwide in optimizing marketing processes. Hardly any other manufacturer of standard software offers more options for optimizing marketing processes. Even competing products can be integrated into our workflow processes.

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With VIVA publishing technology you have the chance of saving a lot of time and money by decisively optimizing the communication, controlling and creation processes in the creation, editing and management of marketing documents.

Corporations that are active worldwide achieve a particularly high degree of saving, as the VIVA technology can handle all languages (incl. Chinese, Japanese and Korean as well as Arabic and Hebrew) in one document.

Act now!

With over 200,000 users and customers, VIVA today is one of the leading suppliers of media services and software products. Service bureaus and end users worldwide use our publishing products to create catalogs, books, posters and billboards and print products of all kinds, and put their trust in our services. Millions of pages and documents are produced with VIVA products every year.

We are experts in our field and know and understand your problems, requirements and wishes based on 20 years of experience. We speak your language! Benefit from our know-how and discover the many possibilities for optimizing your marketing processes. We would be happy to show you the advantages of our technology.

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