Separation of form and function

The separation of form and function is part of the innovative layout concept that VIVA already invented for layout programs in 1990. In this way rectangles, circles, ellipses and Bézier objects may be displayed as graphic, image or text objects. Other layout programs (e.g. QuarkXPress® or Adobe® InDesign®) have adapted this concept, so that today millions of users benefit from the concept that was originally developed by VIVA.

VivaDesigner Customer Statements

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[bubble class=”viva-bubble-high” type=”rounded” author=”Francis”]Your VIVADESIGNER automatic back up system has been a lifesaver! It rescued me from several mistakes I made.
Outstanding work! You are the best!![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-high” type=”rounded” author=”Michael”]Many thanks for your detailed and extensive answers, which have helped me considerably…With your detailed answers you have realy impressed me. In the software branch this is limited to just a few firms.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-high” type=”rounded” author=”Markus”]Many thanks for the VivaDesigner Free Version. At long last a functioning layout program that is free of charge and doesn’t have to hide behind Adobe or QuarkXPress. I found the tooltip popups very helpful.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-high” type=”circle” author=”Carsten”]By chance I came across your software “VivaDesigner” yesterday and I must say that the program is a real “Quark-Killer”. I have been working with QuarkXPress for 20 years and it is true to say that after a few minutes’ introductory practice I was able to work with it. Super![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-high” author=”Roland”]Great. Thanks for the solution. Now working with Viva is twice as much fun as before. The program is really user-friendly and amazingly ok. For me at any rate a viable alternative to QuarkXPress.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-high” author=”Christian”]I love VivaDesigner and mention your program whenever the subject of DTP is brought up. Since I am in regular contact with the media and layout fields, I can at least do a little bit of advertising for you as a thank you for your superb support! [/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Werner”]… well done and many thanks for providing a free version of the excellent layout program VivaDesigner![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Miguel”]Great program, congratulations![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Christian”]I should like to say that I am very impressed with your support. Such a prompt reaction is rare and says a lot for your company! ….Many many thanks for your detailed reply!!!! I can only repeat – You are simply super!!!! I wish I could get this kind of support everywhere! It’s an example to others! Thanks! [/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Mathias”]I have downloaded your free of charge program VivaDesigner and am very pleased with it.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Christian”]I have already been working with your wonderful layout program for some time.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Günther”]I was delighted to discover that Version 7 is also available for Linux. The speed of the new version is very impressive.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Hans Mikl”]Great – I’m looking forward to the next version. I like the program very much![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Sven”]Respect, I like the program very much. I would like to buy it and will do so in the next few minutes.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Frank”]I am fascinated by everything that the program can do.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Walter”]I heard about VivaDesigner by chance, tested it and am thrilled. Of all the layout programs I have tried out I find it the easiest to understand and the most intuitive to use.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Falko”]I am delighted that you have managed to have VivaDesigner available as a Beta version for all three platforms.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Jörg”]… thanks for developing and programming VivaDesigner.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Henner”]I love working with VivaDesigner; it’s the best Desktop Publishing program available for an affordable price. Keep it up![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Claus”]…I have sent off any number of comments, suggestions and Bug reports to all sorts of companies and at best have received an automatic acknowledgement and nothing more. So many thanks for your reaction, which has made a very positive impression![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Michael”]…many thanks for your comprehensive and friendly assistance…. I am absolutely delighted. My friend who recommended your software to me told me about your support. I can only confirm what he said – wonderful. [/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Bernhard”]We are a local workshop involved in preparing a chronicle history of our community. The demands of our printer…are easily and completely covered with Viva.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Kiki”]I downloaded your program VivaDesigner yesterday. I must say that I am very pleased with it and found it very easy to use.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Fritz”]Many thanks for your prompt answer to my enquiry! An exemplary speedy service, which I am pleased to recommend.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Christian”]…firstly I should like to thank you for the program VivaDesigner, as for me it is a very well-priced alternative to the more well-known and expensive layout programs.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Lutz”]…it’s an excellent program and you simply have to work with it. I will recommend it to anyone who asks me for such a program. And then there’s the VIVA Support Team. Thanks again!!![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Lutz”]Many thanks for your great program VivaDesigner. I have been using an Apple computer for one year and this program was recently drawn to my attention by a colleague. You get used to the user interface very quickly and working with the program is a joy.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Karsten”]I should like to take this opportunity to compliment you on your program VivaDesigner. The program is simple to use and above all intuitive. Great job.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Oliver”]I’m absolutely bowled over by your program.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Thomas”]I’m using your free version and I find your software really super.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Klaus”]The program is fun to use and allows many experiments.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Richard”]My compliments to you that you have also developed your software under Linux. Unfortunately this is still pretty unusual in the commercial user environment and therefore very praiseworthy. [/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Günter”]I would like to thank you very much for your quick and uncomplicated support.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Michael”]Many thanks for your quick support! That’s first-class service.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Stefan”]I find VivaDesigner very good, simple to use and easy to understand.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Christoph”]Your product seems to run very quickly and stably on SUSE Linux and is absolutely ideal for our purposes – the user interface is very tidy, and all the functions are easy to get at without wallpapering the monitor with dialogs as one does in the more well known programs.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Lasse”]… it all works and many thanks for such a fast feedback! … I am really amazed at how quickly you reacted![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Franziska”]… I have been working with your program for a while, and I would very much like to buy it now (Personal Edition).[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Adriano”]Many thanks for your trouble, I find this “Support” super and not something you find every day.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Paul”]As always with Viva I am delighted with your support. Thanks for the prompt and clear reply …[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Reto”]I would very much like to order the Personal Edition of VivaDesigner 7 now.[/bubble]

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[bubble class=”viva-bubble-high” author=”Walter”]I just downloaded and tested the newest Free Edition of VivaDesigner (on Ubuntu 9.04) and am really delighted with the program. Of all the layout programs I’ve tried up to now (Ventura Publisher, Pagemaker 6.5, InDesign and Scribus) I find VivaDesigner is the easiest program to use.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-high” author=”James”]I have just downloaded your VivaDesigner program for Linux and am very impressed with it. I am looking for a replacement for MS Publisher [as I am trying to move over to Linux permanently] and it is looking like this may be it.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-high” author=”Axel”]I just made some extensive tests on the Free Edition yesterday. I can hardly tell you how delighted I am with it. I had actually given up looking for a modern replacement for XPress 3.3 or PageMaker 6.0. Then I remembered “VivaPress” and found your program in the Web. VivaDesigner reveals itself as so much more than a “modern replacement” for the above applications. Just what I was looking for: Full Unicode support, elegant (almost minimalistic) user interface and everything your heart desires in one logical structure, which today has become less and less frequent. A joy to use![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Frank”]I am very pleased how quickly I could find my way around the program as a beginner, thanks to the good documented introduction.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Olaf”]Many thanks for the extremely quick and friendly assistance. This is not the case everywhere. I will be sure to recommend you![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Rainer”]I am again delighted, one seldom finds such a quick and precise answer from a support section.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Andreas”]I use your VivaDesigner in Ubuntu 8.10 and am also very pleased with it.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Claus”]Many thanks for the super software!!!!![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Julia”]Last weekend I downloaded VivaDesigner – the free edition – to test the program. I like it very much. easy to use, without a mass of frills and furbelows (“nick-nack”), easy for beginners to understand.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Jens”]All in all a very interesting program, with which I shall be busying myself intensively in the next few months.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Walter”].. many thanks for the excellent and record-breaking service.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Rudolf”]Thank you for your fast and exemplary support!! [/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Hendrik”]I still like it as much as ever. You really have done a good job. I wish you every commercial success with the product.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Harald”]… I am very happy with the free of charge version … fortunately I remembered that there is VivaDesigner. It‘s perfectly suited for unpracticed users, and the learning curve is very flat.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Burkhard”]Your program is great![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Ute”]It works perfectly. Thank you so much![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Thomas”].. I downloaded the VivaDesigner Free Edition today and was able to get successful results with it pretty quickly.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Uwe”]Well done on the wide range and possibilities of VivaDesigner.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Christa”]I downloaded the Free Version yesterday, and am quite fascinated by the program.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Katharina”]First of all thumbs up for your VivaDesigner…. VivaDesigner is just what I have been looking for… first class![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Thomas”]The program is great, I like it very much and it has unbelievable potential.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Hildegard”]If anyone ever asks me about exemplary support, I will certainly always reply “Viva”, I promise you. … It is extremely reassuring to know that if in doubt you will attend to my remarks and, so to speak, make them your own. You don’t get that very often and it’s simply wonderful! Very many thanks.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Jürgen”]Many thanks for your excellent support. … Since you are heavily engaged in further development of your program and provide exemplary support, I am sure that there will always be a solution for any problems that may crop up.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Sylvia”]Many thanks for the extremely quick and positive reply to my request, I am delighted.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Hartmut”]Many thanks for your speedy and extensive assistance. I always try to solve problems using the means at my disposal. This time it was only possible with your help (as usual, fast and without equal).[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Barbara”]I am testing VivaDesigner right now and I am most impressed. The creation of graphic and text objects works really well and easily. [/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Ralf”]Thank you so much!!!!! You have been a great help. Sometimes the little things have a great effect.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Judith”]Many thanks for solving my problem so quickly and simply.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Farid “]Big compliments for the great job you are doing! I’m testing VIVA for about one week now and it is really a very powerful and intuitive program.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Maria”]I am writing to you now to mention my first great delight …. Now I have the version running on my MacBook, it can do so much, and then the Unicode support, and Linux – my work has become so much easier and I am really pleased![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Maria”]I would very much like to buy VivaDesigner in the Academic Version. I already worked with VivaPress 1 to 3 and the current version is truly fantastic! You can be sure that I will recommend the program and your service everywhere. I imagine everyone who has worked with it says that![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Kees”]At the moment I’m testing Viva Designer (trial version, Vista) and so far I’m impressed! Thanks for such great software![/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Daniel “]I really like the program. It is very easy to use, and it is a good replacement for Corel Ventura. The UI is very simple and fast to use! I look forward to the (licensed) version with table functions.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Adrian”]Installation of Version 5.1 on Ubuntu 7.04 produced no problems, …no fumbling around, simply install and boom, it’s all there. Wonderful….I like the product very much.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Roland “]Sensational! UFF. Thanks, VIVA guys. It all worked. … simply fantastic. …just great.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Martin”]The prices offered by Adobe are generally too high for private individuals working at home. I will certainly inform other users of my positive experiences with VivaDesigner. The comparison to the other 2 well known programs speaks for itself…wonderful! All my problems have been solved with the version supplied by you in your usual genial way. Many thanks again for your prompt and competent professional support.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Sepp”]I have completed my initial tests with VivaDesigner and am very pleased with the results. The handling seems to me to be very intuitive. I achieved my good results without having a manual. My compliments.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Miklos”]Many thanks for your excellent support and fast service.[/bubble]
[bubble class=”viva-bubble-standard” author=”Markus”]This software has an enormous amount “under the bonnet”, but a lot of it is not obvious at first glance and needs to be discovered.[/bubble]


Footnotes and Endnotes

Create footnotes and endnotes by document or chapter, which may appear at the end of the page, at the end of the layout or at the end of the story. Define in which and over how many columns footnotes and endnotes are displayed.

Team Publishing

With the optional “Team Publishing” module, editing systems may be created simply and quickly in which several people work simultaneously on one document. In the development of the module, the requirements of both larger and smaller publishers were considered.
Click here for more info.

Virtual Drives

With virtual drives you can ensure that users can only open documents or images from an ODBC or MySQL Database or a Web drive, and under certain conditions only save them there. As an additional option, all local drives may be deactivated.

Different Layouts

Define several layouts within a text frame and change the column layout of the text with different widths and gutters for each column.
Define and apply Layout Style Sheets with different text column layouts.

Text Frames, Rules & Backgrounds

Apply frames to single or a group of paragraphs, lines, words or characters. Apply rules to single or a group of paragraphs, lines, words or characters. Apply colored backgrounds for characters or whole paragraphs and/or define a frame. Embed graphic, text, table or image objects in the text and define the runaround behavior (one side, both sides, etc.)