Team Publishing with VivaDesigner

With the “Team Publishing” module, VivaDesigner can be extended with task functions as in an editing system.

With the “Team Publishing” module, editing systems may be created simply and quickly in which several people work simultaneously on one document. In the development of the module, the requirements of both larger and smaller publishers were considered.

Benefits overview:

  • The editor can not only re-edit text, but on requirement can also edit images or frames.
  • The editor receives a preview of all the frames on the page, even if he can’t edit all the frames and their content. Thus the editor knows the exact content of the page.
  • The editor even gets an update of the changes that others have made in the document, providing there is a network connection to the master document.
  • Especially with small publishers, the editor is also the designer and thus is responsible for parts or even for the entire page.
  • To use the software, a server is to be recommended on which all concerned will work centrally, but this is not a condition of use. It is particularly useful for editors whose offices are separated from one another. In this case, the creator of the task files can also send them by E-Mail.


The module is therefore not only suited for editors in the production of magazines or newspapers, but also for corporate publications where several users work on different sections. Designers can work in parallel to change the design, while the users fill the frame with images or text. Like all modules, “Team Publishing” too can be applied in the Desktop and Web versions.