VIVA Publishing Server

The original from the inventor of the “Publishing Server”:

Leading corporations use the “VIVA Publishing Server” to produce documents fully automatically via the Internet or networks.

“Network Publishing” means: Create print-ready documents fully automatically using a publishing server in the Internet or via a network, without any graphic, typesetting or printing knowledge or experience. While previous technologies on the Internet are limited with simple layouts (e.g. “Web-to-Print”), you produce complete catalogs, data sheets and much more directly from your product control system or ERP system, your Office program or any Internet/Intranet/Web application.

Advantages for end users/companies:

  • Produce 24 hours a day, any time, anywhere.
  • Ensure your CI is adhered to.
  • No problems with fonts, images, languages.

Advantages for Service bureau/printer:

  • Customer creation of print-ready documents.
  • Excellent customer integration.
  • Stable prices, high production volume.
  • No responsibility for print data content.
  • Improve organization and communication between customer and supplier.