Package Deals for VivaCloud & VivaDesigner (Advanced Web Edition)

From as little as 9,- Euro/US$ per month, small businesses or NGOs/NPOs can use VivaCloud and VivaDesigner in the Web.
The use of VivaCloud is currently unlimited, while the use of VivaDesigner in the Web is based on a number of hours.
You can also order additional optional functions (Distributed Publishing, Team Publishing) as well as the desktop version of VivaDesigner and use them for a flat rate.

The prices shown on the right are flat rate prices for using the Web-based Media Asset Management “VivaCloud” and the layout program “VivaDesigner” (Advanced Web-Edition). This offer is available only to small companies with up to five employees and an annual turnover of maximum one million Euro/US Dollars and NGO/NPO organisations.

For all other companies/user groups, please refer to the current price list.