VivaDesigner Publishing Solutions for the Media Branch

“For us VivaDesigner is the best layout program for Web and desktop that has ever been developed for printers, typesetting and media service providers and agencies!”

Why? Because VivaDesigner is the world’s only layout application that protects your investment in customers, design and documents in a lasting way:

  • Hardly any other layout program protects the investment made by service providers and corporations in the design and the documents in such a lasting way from misuse or incorrect usage by third parties/customers!
  • Hardly any other layout program enables the establishment of such a high customer loyalty!
  • Hardly any other layout program offers more possibilities in the creation of workflows between service providers and customers!
  • Hardly any other layout program is available both on the desktop and in the Web!
  • Hardly any other layout program offers a better data exchange with competitors’ products!

Do you still work with traditional layout programs, word processing, PDF, E-Mail, FTP, CMS, publishing systems, photo book or “Web-to-Print” software to organize you publishing processes?

If you want to exchange designs with your customers today, you have to put in a lot of effort:

  • You supply the appropriate PDFs either by fax, post or email, on which the customer can “comment”.
  • Your customer supplies you with “MS-Word®” or “MS-PowerPoint®” files as templates, which you must rebuild from scratch in your layout program.
  • You supply a Web-to-Print software to your customer that is too expensive, and whose templates must be built from scratch and are only suitable for just a few print products.
  • You would never dream of giving your customer an open document! If you did, you would have to fear for your work.

With “Distributed Publishing” VivaDesigner offers you a completely new, simple, safe and above all affordable solution for communication between media service providers and your customers or colleagues!

What is “Distributed Publishing”?

“Distributed Publishing” is a new technology with which media service providers prepare and provide an open layout document to their customers, colleagues or employees. The editing rights that a user may have can be defined individually for every document.

When do I need VivaDesigner with “Distributed Publishing”?

You need “Distributed Publishing” as an optional extension to or replacement for your layout program if according to your user group you can answer one or two of the goals listed below with Yes.

Goals for designers/service providers:

  • You receive from your customers/colleagues text or word processor files, PDFs, faxes, E-Mails and want to put an end to this flood of data and manual tasks?
  • You want to save the costs for an editing system or a “Web-to-Print” solution, because these are too expensive and/or are not suited for small print runs?
  • You want to keep full control over the document even with small print runs and still offer your customers extensive freedom of content?
  • You want to ensure that the customer does not move to other suppliers with your templates?
  • You need a solution that gives your customers and their partners world-wide the possibility of translating into ALL languages without changing your design?
  • You want ONE software without any language exceptions? For Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and Arabic?

Goals for companies/end users:

  • You want to enter your text straight into the final layout, instead of writing in text or word processing programs or E-Mail programs?
  • You want to define image cropping and image size directly in the final layout, instead of describing your requirements in great detail to the graphic designer?
  • You don’t want to make proofing corrections in PDFs or send text by E-Mail any more?
  • You want a user interface with a genuine print preview (WYSIWYG) that is simpler than “MS-Word®”?
  • You don’t want to be obliged to buy the layout software of your graphic designer including all updates and upgrades?
  • You don’t want to exchange data constantly with the graphic designer until both parties are satisfied?
  • You want to provide your overseas partners in the Middle East or Asia with documents in your CD and the relevant translations? You want ONE software for all languages, NO exceptions?

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