VivaImpose Data Handling

VivaImpose enables the automatic data import of EPS, TIFF, PICT, JPEG, and CT files and other picture formats, and also PDF files.

Automatic Cropping
All files can be cropped automatically for imposition, in order for example to cut out bleed and marks that were placed in the original data.

Scaling and Rotation
If the data is not in the correct format or has been saved with an incorrect rotation, single files or whole folders can be scaled and/or rotated automatically during the import process.

Handling of Panorama Pages
If the customer intentionally or accidentally supplies panorama pages in a file, the user is able to separate these files correctly, either manually or automatically. Such a separation can be defined by the user in such a way a doubling of the motif can occur in the inner margin.

Pictures Overlapping in the Inner Margin
According to motif or template it may be required that the pages of the print spread overlap one another in the inner margin.