VivaImpose Marks Handling

The handling of marks in VivaImpose is a central function of the program which far exceeds the usual functions of other similar programs.

Customer Marks
The user can generate as many of his own marks as he wishes and include them in VivaImpose. Individual marks (company logos, special pull down lays, etc.) are created with the help of illustration programs (e.g. Adobe Illustrator), which can create vector EPS files. Standard marks (such as fold and crop marks) are integrated in the program and can be set according to preference.

Global Marks
With the management of marks, VivaImpose follows a global concept. If you set a crop mark in a template, this will automatically be changed in all templates if the mark is altered in any way.

The application of Marks also allows local and global settings to be made. If a mark is to appear on every spread, it is for simplicity and maintenance reasons better to apply this mark to a machine rather than to a template. A mark can therefore be applied to both a template and to a machine.

Mark Sets
In order not to have to define the same marks for every template, VivaImpose has so-called Mark Sets. These automatically apply the required crop and fold marks to all pages on the template, and also individual marks if required. Since it is not absolutely necessary to define marks in a template, the user can create several mark sets and wait until just before the output to a printer or imaging machine to decide with which mark set (e.g. with or without page gutters) the spread should be printed.

Mark Intelligence
The wealth of application variations of our users knows hardly any boundaries. Therefore VivaImpose offers “intelligent marks”. Intelligence means in this case that it is decided on the basis of fixed settings if and how the mark will be printed.

Here are three examples:
1. Collating mark
The collating mark can be so configured that the output, size and position of the mark depend on the binding type selected.
2. Color Control Strip
The Color Control Strip and Excess Color Strip or Take-off Bar are dynamic marks. They are automatically created from the colors used in the spread. The user can define a preferred position and two alternative positions, and from this definition the program decides automatically where the marks will be placed. If not enough space is available, the marks will wander to the next position, or not be printed.
3. Cropping-dependent Marks
Marks can be defined in relation to the cropping. Thus it is possible to cause a mark not to be printed, if the crop is above or below a defined value.

Automatic Line-out
VivaImpose is the only imposition program which can automatically line out the spread at the touch of a button. With the Line-out, the user can check the exact cropping and positioning of the pages in a proof or on a film. The Line-out mark also shows the edges of the printing plate and the gripper edge of the machine, so that the user can check the size and positioning of the spread inscription. Since the Line-out can also be created as a spot color, it is no longer necessary to rip the data again, as this color plate can simply be deleted from the RIP. This option does however depend on the model of the RIP-Model and the workflow.