VIVA Publishing Server License Model

The “VivaNWP Server” creates completed layouts fully automatically based on a data source and a template that was created with the “VivaNWP Designer” (CP and/or IP Edition). The VivaNWP Server can for example be used in conjunction with online shops, PIM systems or other corporate applications to create VIVA or PDF documents based on forms. In the same way as VivaNWP Designer there are different versions of the program for different application purposes.

License & price model
The license model for the VivaNWP Server is based on a page model in several stages. The first stage describes the number of pages in a document, and the second describes the number of pages per year.
1st Stage: Number of pages per document. The entry “CP4” means for example that the product is a VivaNWP Server in “Creative Publishing” Edition (CP), in which you can create up to 4 pages per document. With “CP12” a document can have up to 12 pages, and with just CP a document can have any number of pages.

2nd Stage: Number of pages per year. The entry “2.500” means for example that with this server version you can create 2500 document pages per year. Thus in four years a total of 10,000 pages and in 10 years 25,000 document pages are created. It should be noted here that the program does not differentiate between Low-Res and High-Res PDFs or other output formats. Every page is counted. If the user wants to create more than 2,500 pages per year, he must choose a higher option or upgrade if necessary. The price for an upgrade is calculated on 120% of the difference between the price of the server purchased and the server now required. The name »Enterprise« means that there is no annual limit in the number of document pages. Even though the number of pages relates to an annual usage, the purchase price shown is a ONE-OFF price and NOT an annual price.

You can buy or rent the “VivaNWP Server”. In both cases, as with all Viva servers, the execution of a service and support contract is obligatory. The annual service and support charge is 16% of the purchase price.