VivaPosterize: Millions of posters. One program.

What is VivaPosterize?

VIVAPOSTERIZE is the leading tool for extremely fast automatic digital tiling and output of posters and billboards. Already on the market since 1999, the program has since then been setting new standards in speed, safety, flexibility and functionality.

Developed in co-operation with leading printers in offset and screen printing, VIVAPOSTERIZE is able to process documents with a speed and precision which has never before been achieved. It’s no wonder then that millions of posters and billboards are produced with VIVAPOSTERIZE every year. Our customers produce posters for local and international advertising campaigns of well known manufacturers as well in the food and drink, automobile, fashion, cosmetics, furniture, electronics and media industries as well as many other fields. Therefore you will surely at least once have seen a poster or billboard which has been produced by our software!

How does VivaPosterize work?

VIVA has from the very beginning followed a completely new and revolutionary path in electronic imposition. The starting point for the development was that our customers wanted to be able to manage the complex technology as simply as possible. Just three simple steps are necessary in the Workstation version of VIVAPOSTERIZE to process a job completely in just a few minutes: data import, poster tiling and output. Only one step is necessary in the Server version to complete a job in seconds: to transfer data to the server, which will complete the tiling and output fully automatically.