New in VivaDesigner 10.0

VivaDesigner 10 has been improved and extended in many areas. As well as new functions (native InDesign INDD Import), particularly the speed has been considerably improved. Please note that not all new functions are available in all editions (Free, Personal, EDU/NPO Edition for Desktop and Basic Web Edition). Only in the Commercial Edition for Desktop and in the Web Edition you will find all the new functions.

01: Native InDesign INDD Import (10.0)

The import of InDesign documents has been significantly improved and adapted to the new functions (new image formats, new path options, etc.). The highlight: We decoded the native InDesign format (.indd). Now you can import not only IDML, but also native InDesign documents in INDD format. This works even if you don't have an InDesign document. Furthermore: In the Web Edition you can even drag and drop InDesign documents onto the browser window and open them!

02: New Web Edition (10.0)

The new Web Edition makes design in the browser a unique experience. Whether you're editing one, ten or a hundred document pages, the speed is so fascinating that you won't notice a difference between a desktop and web version, even at low bandwidths. Depending on your configuration, you can print documents directly to the local printer and drag and drop images directly from the desktop into the layout document.

03: New Backup Technology (10.0)

No program and no computer works without errors. Errors are annoying if, for example, files are stored on defective sectors of the data carrier. In such cases, the documents are often irretrievably defective because no software can prevent this problem. With VivaDesigner 10's new backup technology, you can work around this problem by accessing older versions of the same document at any time, even if they were edited months ago.

04: Native PDF Import (PDF to Layout) (10.0)

Of course you can place a PDF in a picture object in VivaDesigner 10. But with the new, unique, native PDF import, you can create a layout document from any PDF that you can edit at will. This allows you to import documents quickly and easily from layout and illustration programs such as Freehand, PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Corel, Illustrator, FrameMaker or Office programs such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Awaken your archive to new life!

10: New Options for editing paths (10.0)

The editing of paths has been completely redeveloped and greatly expanded. For this purpose a new tool and a new palette have been created with which you can convert, delete or add new sizing and control points. Multiple sizing points can be simultaneously selected, aligned, distributed, moved interactively or positioned precisely using dimension specifications.

11: New Line Options (10.0)

The options for lines have been completely redesigned. Improved line patterns and endings, as well as options for line ends, line corners and line alignments leave nothing to be desired. The new options have perfected the import of Adobe InDesign documents and the native import of PDF, Adobe Illustrator and SVG files.

12: Visualizing Locked Objects/Layers (10.0)

Use locked objects/layers and individual access rights to ensure that other users only edit the objects you have shared. However, the user must first recognize which objects are editable. The new option for visualizing locked objects/layers that can be displayed transparently is a great help. This display has no effect on printing and is only shown on the screen.

20: Images (10.0)

Editing Images
Convert images to other image formats and color spaces directly in VivaDesigner without additional image editing, or add other color profiles to existing images. Use these settings to create new images or replace images that have already been placed. Optimize images with automatic cropping or normalize their resolution.

Canto Cumulus DAM / SixOMC DAM
Use the optional add-on module to connect directly from VivaDesigner to Canto Cumulus or SixOMC. Search for images in Canto Cumulus or SixOMC directly in VivaDesigner and place images directly in the layout.

Canto Cumulus DAM
Use the optional add-on module to connect directly to Canto


30: New Text Options (10.0)

OpenType Functions
With the OpenType functions you achieve even better typographic results. While InDesign only supports 20, VivaDesigner supports more than 140 OpenType functions.

Duden has further improved hyphenation and spelling and grammar correction. VivaDesigner includes the very latest version of Duden 2019.

40: VIVA® Points (10.0)

VIVA® Points is a virtual, cashless currency that you can use to pay for services/additional services within VIVA® programs. This includes, for example, the fully automatic translation of texts, the fully automatic cropping of images or the purchase of image licenses. These points work in a similar way to currencies and payment systems that are already familiar from events where people pay without cash and virtually.

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