Edit InDesign online and offline

Just 12 excellent reasons for InDesign users to use VivaDesigner

We have a lot of reasons why an InDesign user should use VivaDesigner as an addition or replacement to InDesign. Here are just some.


Must-have addition to InDesign

If you want to continue using InDesign on the desktop, VivaDesigner Web Edition is a must-have for professional users to edit InDesign documents in the web browser.


Replace InDesign

You can completely replace InDesign with VivaDesigner Desktop or Web Edition and enjoy all the benefits of VivaDesigner that InDesign does not offer.


No subscription, lifetime license

With the purchase of VivaDesigner (Desktop) you get a lifetime license. With the lifetime VivaDesigner Free Edition, you can even open and edit InDesign documents for free.


Desktop & Web version

Use the advantages of the desktop and web edition as an agency or company if you want to work in a real team without installing any software.



With VivaDesigner you buy a license that you can use on ANY desktop platform. So not only Windows or macOS but also Linux. You can change the desktop platform at any time.


No special version

With VivaDesigner you do not need a version for Roman, Arabic and Hebrew or Asian languages. ALL languages are united in one program version.


Cheap cross-update

If you own InDesign or any other commercial layout program, you can purchase the low-cost cross-update.


Easy learning curve

The InDesign user interface is very similar to the VivaDesigner user interface. Therefore, you will find your way around very quickly.


Brilliant InDesign import

Simply open your InDesign documents in VivaDesigner in a brilliant quality as if you had never used any other program.


New workflows

Compared to InDesign with its team options and the web version, VivaDesigner offers you completely new possibilities in designing workflows.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

VivaDesigner is the first program to use artificial intelligence (AI) for translations and image editing, for example, and will consistently expand these options in the future.


Full Integration

Integrate VivaDesigner Desktop or Web Edition into your workflow, web and server application or website as we have done this on this website.

Perfect InDesign Import

With perfect InDesign® document import, you can take over your existing work at any time, and you have access to millions of templates.


Note: Please drag the red slider in the image to compare the quality and precision between InDesign® and VivaDesigner.

Make InDesign web ready

You can edit your InDesign® documents directly in your web browser without any installation and with all options.
This makes VivaDesigner not only the ideal replacement, but also the optimal extension for InDesign®.


Compare InDesign and VivaDesigner

If you want to use VivaDesigner not only as a supplement, but as a replacement for InDesign, you need precise information about the differences. VivaDesigner and InDesign have thousands of options and an almost identical basic concept.
Both programs are 99% identical. Nevertheless, there are crucial differences. We have listed the most important functions to help you decide in favor of VivaDesigner*.

*This list has been created to the best of our knowledge and belief (as of July 2023) and makes no claim to be complete or error-free. Errors and omissions excepted. Legal recourse is excluded. If you should find an error or would like to supplement the list, we are pleased about any feedback.

Designer InDesign
Microsoft Windows
Web Browser
Working Mode
Access Rights
Neutral Design
Individual toolbars
Individual shortcuts
Book (partly)
Multiple sizes (partly)
Open ZIP files
Liquid Layouts
QR, EAN, Barcodes (QR only)
Nested Container objects
Individual arrowheads
AI Translation
All languages
Format Inspector
Embed fonts
Text/Column Layouts (partly)
Conditional text
One table over several pages
Style translations
Separation preview

No subscription trap. Rent or buy.

With the unique license model with individual prices for companies, clubs and organizations, pupils, students and teachers, you can rent or buy VivaDesigner.


Download VivaDesigner 11 lifetime free version, including time-limited full version (Commercial Edition) for all desktop platforms.

You can also use this download for a full version and unlock it with your purchased license.

Please click here for the system requirements.
If you have any questions, send us a message or read the FAQ.


NEW version or UPGRADE: Buy a VivaDesigner lifetime full version for all desktop platforms. No subscription.

Please click here for the system requirements.
If you have any questions, send us a message or read the FAQ.


Rent VivaDesigner on a monthly or even cheaper annual basis. Including free upgrades. Cancel at any time*.

*We introduced this rental option at the customer’s request because some customers only want to use VivaDesigner temporarily. Ideal for testing VivaDesigner over a longer period of time.
Please click here for the system requirements.
If you have any questions, send us a message or read the FAQ.

Additional licenses/modules

VivaDesigner 11

Buy an additional licence for a 2nd computer of the SAME user.*

A separate table module for version 11 is not necessary, because this module is part of all purchase versions.

VivaDesigner 10

Buy an additional licence for a 2nd computer of the SAME user.*

Buy a table module for Personal Edition

*The additional licenses may only be purchased in connection with an existing license for VivaDesigner with the SAME Edition and Version! So if you already have a Commercial Edition V10, please select “Commercial Edition V10” again and NOT “Commercial Edition V11” or “Personal Edition V10”.

VIVA® Points

Buy VIVA Points for additional services such as fully automatic translation of text or fully automatic cropping of images.

VIVA® Points is a virtual, cashless currency that you can use to pay for services/additional benefits within VIVA® programs. You buy a certain number of points in the VIVA® Shop at a fixed price (package price) or defined exchange rate and can use them in all VIVA® products for various purposes.

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Rent a VivaDesigner Server in our data center. *

net price plus VAT per month for a one-year contract period

*1) One License VivaDesigner Desktop  (Commercial Edition) for ONE Computer

On Premises

Deploy the VivaDesigner Server in your data center.*

* Please note: This offer for SaaS and On Premises is for software vendors and commercial customers who want to integrate VivaDesigner Server into their application. For all other customers, VivaCloud with the integrated VivaDesigner Server is more suitable.