New in VivaDesigner 8

VivaDesigner 8 has been improved and extended in many areas. As well as new functions, particularly the speed has been considerably improved. Please note that not all new functions are available in all editions (Free, Personal, EDU/NPO Edition for Desktop and Basic Web Edition). Only in the Commercial Edition for Desktop and in the Advanced Web Edition will you find all the new functions.

Alternative (Web) Interface

The new neutral interface design was developed for editing documents in the Web , but can also be used on the desktop. Its basis is that users don’t want to see any design of a desktop program in the browser. With the new platform neutral design, a seamless integration of VivaDesigner in a Web application is even optically possible.

Change Tracking

With change tracking you can establish who has made which changes in a document. The program creates a report with the exact time and which text was inserted, deleted or newly formatted by whom. Change tracking is therefore suited for users who work in a team, or for users who only want to create a report protocol of their work.

Clipping (Automatic)

Normally the borders of an image can only be displayed transparent if an Alpha channel or a clipping path exists. VivaDesigner 8 can display images with white or uni-colored borders as transparent automatically (clipping), so that you often save yourself this time-consuming work.

Clipping (Visualize)

You have often asked yourself why an image is not transparent or why an incorrect crop is displayed? To find the answer you must normally open the image in an image editing program. VivaDesigner visualises optionally the clipping path and the Alpha channel.

Convert Text to Paths

You can convert text outlines to object paths and edit these paths. At the same time, holes in letters are retained. These new objects can also contain text or images.

Deactivate System Fonts

VivaDesigner enables fonts to be embedded in the document. In VivaDesigner 8, all the system fonts can also be deactivated. In this way you can ensure that the user can only use the fonts that are embedded in the document.

Extended Image Search

Updating missing images can be very time-consuming if these images are to be found in different folders. With the extended image search, you define just ONE search path, which finds all missing images and updates them automatically.

Fast Image Scaling & Fitting

With the new selection point, picture objects can be scaled without using any additional shortcuts. With a simple click on the Fit symbol, image objects are proportionally filled automatically so that no white space appears.

Fast Object/Image Rotation

With the new Rotation tool, image content (A) and objects (B) can be rotated in seconds without changing tools.

Faster than ever

VivaDesigner has been made considerably faster in many functional areas. The opening of documents has been accelerated threefold, and text entry by ten to a hundredfold.

Image Embedding

As default, VivaDesigner only saves a preview of the images used in the document. With the option “Embed all Used Images”, the high-res data of all the images used is also saved in the document.

Improved InDesign® Exchange

The import of Adobe® InDesign® IDML documents w.e.f. version CS4 to CC has been further improved. Conversion of older versions than CS4 are available as a service on request. At the same time the export to Adobe® InDesign® (CS4 to CC) has been considerably improved. Thus, depending on the complexity of the documents, a permanent exchange between both programs is possible.

Line Numbering

With the Line Counter you activate a non-printable numbering of the text lines for a better text control. The color, font, size and position (left or right) can be determined, as well as the range (e.g. leave every second line blank) and the restart (text column, new chapter, etc)

Multilingual Placeholder Text

You can fill text objects with language specific placeholder text to obtain a complete impression of the layout. You can edit the placeholder text yourself for all 30 languages.

Multilingual Text Translation

You can translate a marked text automatically and import the translation into VivaDesigner.


With notes you can store non-printable information and tips for other users in text and objects. As with change tracking, this option is suited for users who work in a team, or for users who only want to create a report protocol of their work.


Several objects can be combined to one object with the Pathfinder. Thus you can create compound paths in a simple way. With this function, you can also create transparent holes in objects.

Quark XPress Conversion

With the introduction of VivaDesigner 8, we offer the optional service of a conversion from QuarkXPress documents in formats 4.0 to 9.0. Send us your QuarkXPress documents to check the quality of the conversion. Depending on the program edition a certain amount of documents are converted free of charge, for additional documents we raise a minimal administration fee.

Smart Guides

Smart Guides were originally developed for CAD programs and enable fast alignment of objects to objects on the same page or facing page. In many cases you save yourself the necessity of creating guide lines or guide objects by using Smart Guides.

Table Style Sheets

With style sheets for tables, you can define the graphic appearance of a table as well as single columns, rows, cells and separator lines with a keystroke. At the same time you can define header and footer rows as well as alternating rows and columns. Table cells can contain text, images, graphic objects or additional tables.

Visualize Missing Fonts

Until now, missing fonts were displayed on opening the document, in the Font Usage and in the Module palette. In Version 8, missing fonts are now displayed visually in the layout with a pink background.

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