New in VivaDesigner 9.5

VivaDesigner 9.5 has been improved and extended in many areas. As well as new functions, particularly the speed has been considerably improved. Please note that not all new functions are available in all editions (Free, Personal, EDU/NPO Edition for Desktop and Basic Web Edition). Only in the Commercial Edition for Desktop and in the Web Edition you will find all the new functions.

01: Consistent Interface (9.5)

A new design for palettes was established with version 9.0. Now this new design is also available for dialogs.

02: Multiple Workspaces (9.5)

You can now create and choose between multiple workspaces.

03: Tabbed Document window (9.5)

Documents are shown as tabbed windows. If you move the mouse over the tab, a tool tip with the complete document path will be shown. You can open the document path directly with the help of the context menu.

04: Color Management (9.5)

The color management function has been extended considerably. With the new rendering methods you can define how colors are interpreted on your screen. With the new option "Color Proof" you can define a color profile for your screen.

05: Enhanced PDF Output (9.5)

With the new Color Space Conversion and the Color Profile Integration you can create perfect PDFs for the target color space.

06: Printer Settings (9.5)

You can define printing templates which are collections of settings for the output. Saving and deleting these templates has been enhanced as well.

07: Preview Quality (9.5)

Layout programs normally display a preview of the imported image in 72 DPI. When using vector images (illustrations) and/or you zoom in, you won´t see to many details (ie. small font sizes). In the new version you can define the quality of the preview by default in the preferences or for every individual image.

08: New layer options (9.5)

With version 9.5 you can not only switch complete layers on and off, but also individual objects on these layers.

09: Scripts in menus (9.5)

With the new script function you can reach for comfort and security in VivaDesigner. For the first time scripts can be started via the script palette, bit also via the program menu. More that 20 predefined areas give you the freedom to place your scripts in the progam menu whereever you want them.

10: Protect Scripts (9.5)

Normally the script source code is normal (plain) text and could be reviewed and therefore changed by everybody. With the new deploy options you can protect your script code. Add your name as author and/or define a date for the termination of the script. This gives you the option to deliver demo versions of your scripts to your customers.

11: Retina Support (9.5)

UHD support was already established with version 9.0. Now the program also supports Retina displays.

12: Enhanced Print (9.5)

The output on normal (laser/inkjet) printers was enhanced again and from now on you don´t need any additional software.

13: Intelligent Image Replacement (9.5)

With the intelligent image replacement you keep the ratio/crop of the image, even if you replace the same image with a different resolution.

14: Enhanced InDesign Support (9.5)

The InDesign import and export has been enhanced. In most cases you just open the IDML and there is no need for any changes in the options. if you are not sure what these options mean, you don´t need to read the manual. Just move the mouse over the option to get a tool tip help.

15: Native SVG Import/Export (9.5)

With the new SVG import you can convert SVG files in native objects that you can edit and change. In combination with the SVG export you can even exchange objects and paths with other illustration programs that support this format.

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