VivaDesigner Highlights

With VivaDesigner, all the functions of a professional text processing application and a high end typesetting program are available in just one application. VivaDesigner also provides many functions that you will not find in similar applications, or at least not in a comparable quality. Below are some examples that demonstrate the difference from other applications:

Please note that not all functions are available in all editions (Free Edition, Personal Edition). Only in the Commercial Edition will you find all the new functions.

Alias technology

Take advantage of the many layout possibilities of the Alias technology, with which you can create virtual copies of objects and pages. Similar to Master pages (Alias pages), Alias objects are dependent copies of an original object: if the original is altered, all Alias objects change automatically, separated according to content and form.

All Browsers

VivaDesigner is the first layout program world-wide to run in a modern Web browser such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer® (IE), Firefox®, Apple® Safari® or Google® Chrome®. No installations are necessary: No program, no fonts, no Java®, no Flash® and no PlugIns.

All Operating Systems

VivaDesigner runs on all major platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac. The file formats are identical on all three, so that users can swap documents between any operating system.

All Users

  • Agencies and media service providers can develop completely new and much slimmer processes.
  • End users and corporations world-wide can edit documents with complex layouts very simply in every functionality, in every typographic quality and in every language as well as simultaneous editing and exchange.
  • Solution suppliers and software developers can develop programs or websites or of extending them simply, with which users create layouts directly or edit existing layout documents.

All Wallets

VivaDesigner is available free of charge (»Free Edition«). The licensed »Personal Edition« for private users and the »Commercial Edition« for corporate users have additional functions.

Alternative (Web) Interface

The new neutral interface design was developed for editing documents in the Web , but can also be used on the desktop. Its basis is that users don’t want to see any design of a desktop program in the browser. With the new platform neutral design, a seamless integration of VivaDesigner in a Web application is even optically possible.

Change Tracking

With change tracking you can establish who has made which changes in a document. The program creates a report with the exact time and which text was inserted, deleted or newly formatted by whom. Change tracking is therefore suited for users who work in a team, or for users who only want to create a report protocol of their work.

Character Inspector (1)

VivaDesigner supports ALL languages and writing directions. With the Character Inspector, the position of so-called “dia-critical characters” can be corrected manually. This is particularly useful for example in Arabic, where words may contain many “dia-critical characters”.

Character Inspector (2)

With Roman text, the Character Inspector can also be used to alter the position of characters in a word interactively (here “YSL”). For this example you only need one text object with three characters which you can move. This saves having several text objects or time-consuming character spacing and baseline offset settings.

Clipping (Automatic)

Normally the borders of an image can only be displayed transparent if an Alpha channel or a clipping path exists. VivaDesigner 8 can display images with white or uni-colored borders as transparent automatically (clipping), so that you often save yourself this time-consuming work.

Clipping (Visualize)

You have often asked yourself why an image is not transparent or why an incorrect crop is displayed? To find the answer you must normally open the image in an image editing program. VivaDesigner visualises optionally the clipping path and the Alpha channel.

Deactivate System Fonts

VivaDesigner enables fonts to be embedded in the document. In VivaDesigner 8, all the system fonts can also be deactivated. In this way you can ensure that the user can only use the fonts that are embedded in the document.

Different Layouts

Define several layouts within a text frame and change the column layout of the text with different widths and gutters for each column.
Define and apply Layout Style Sheets with different text column layouts.

Distributed Publishing

With the optional “Distributed Publishing” module, designers can provide their customers, colleagues or employees with an open layout document for editing. For each individual document it may be defined which editing possibilities a user may have. Click here for more info...

Exchange with InDesign®

With the Import and Export module for Adobe® IDML, you can open your Adobe® InDesign® documents in VivaDesigner and also if required save them in Adobe® IDML format.
Solutions for Adobe® InDesign® Users

Extended Baseline Grid

VivaDesigner has not only page-oriented but also object-oriented baselines, which may even be displayed with numbering if required

Extended Image Search

Updating missing images can be very time-consuming if these images are to be found in different folders. With the extended image search, you define just ONE search path, which finds all missing images and updates them automatically.

Font Embedding

A huge problem in the exchange of documents is the distribution and handling of fonts:

  • Many users do not want to share their fonts.
  • In many cases, fonts cannot be installed without Administrator rights.
  • Additionally installed fonts frequently clash with fonts that are already installed.

With VivaDesigner, all these problems may be solved with a mouse click by automatically embedding all the fonts used in the document.

Footnotes and Endnotes

Create footnotes and endnotes by document or chapter, which may appear at the end of the page, at the end of the layout or at the end of the story. Define in which and over how many columns footnotes and endnotes are displayed.

Formulas with MathML

Import and edit formulas into your text with the MathML module

Glyph Overview

Search for and import characters in the text font or in the font selected in the Glyphs palette.

Headers & Footers

Define headers and footers for each text object in any height. Work with Running Titles in several levels that show the first and last occurrence or a character string in the headers or footers. Enter Endnotes and define their position (End of text or end of layout). Use the integrated footnote management with extensive options for numbering, separators, columns and position.

Hyphenation (Modules & Quality)

With the hyphenation and spell checking function, VivaDesigner sets new quality standards. For the first time a layout program offers (depending on the language and module) hyphenations with definable quality levels as well as a manual and automatic spell check that displays errors in the text immediately. Furthermore, the language independent grammar check for text is unique in that it displays grammatical errors.

Line Numbering

With the Line Counter you activate a non-printable numbering of the text lines for a better text control. The color, font, size and position (left or right) can be determined, as well as the range (e.g. leave every second line blank) and the restart (text column, new chapter, etc)

Multilingual Colors & Style Sheets

Standard Colors and Style Sheets are optionally translated automatically according to the selected language. In this way, just one single document can be passed to users with different languages for editing. With this technology, companies, agencies, printers or service providers can create document “templates” that are understood immediately in every country.

Multilingual Interface

Multilingual user interface in 24 languages, which can be switched on the fly

Multilingual Text Editing

Editing of ALL languages AND writing directions in one single uniform application and document format (incl. Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean).

Multilingual Text Translation

You can translate a marked text automatically and import the translation into VivaDesigner.

Optical Alignment

Improve the display of your text with the automatic optical alignment that can be applied to any character. Create Drop Caps in any size and optimize the typography with an automatic runaround of the Drop Cap shape. Display characters with a colored outline.

Package & Send

The option "Package & Send" (VIVA FileSender) enables the completed document to be sent to VIVA or a predefined recipient fully automatically with all fonts and images and sends you a confirmation message with all the required information.

Separation of form and function

The separation of form and function is part of the innovative layout concept that VIVA already invented for layout programs in 1990. In this way rectangles, circles, ellipses and Bézier objects may be displayed as graphic, image or text objects. Other layout programs (e.g. QuarkXPress® or Adobe® InDesign®) have adapted this concept, so that today millions of users benefit from the concept that was originally developed by VIVA.

Team Publishing

With the optional “Team Publishing” module, editing systems may be created simply and quickly in which several people work simultaneously on one document. In the development of the module, the requirements of both larger and smaller publishers were considered. Click here for more info.

Text Frames, Rules & Backgrounds

Apply frames to single or a group of paragraphs, lines, words or characters. Apply rules to single or a group of paragraphs, lines, words or characters. Apply colored backgrounds for characters or whole paragraphs and/or define a frame. Embed graphic, text, table or image objects in the text and define the runaround behavior (one side, both sides, etc.)

Virtual Drives

With virtual drives you can ensure that users can only open documents or images from an ODBC or MySQL Database or a Web drive, and under certain conditions only save them there. As an additional option, all local drives may be deactivated.

Visual Image Preflight

With the VivaDesigner Preflight option you can define the minimum resolution and tolerance for printing images. VivaDesigner automatically displays colored frames around images that either will not be printed correctly (red) or are within the tolerance (yellow). In this way even a beginner can see directly where there will be printing problems with a specific image scaling.

Visualize Style Sheets

Often style sheets are created but their assignment is incorrect or forgotten. If style sheets are optically very similar to one another, it is almost impossible to find such errors in conventional layout programs. By visualising style sheets, you can find errors on a page or in a document in seconds.

Welcome to the Cloud

VivaDesigner is the first layout program to offer the possibility of opening and saving documents directly via the Internet. With this new technology, companies and users can manage their documents centrally and have the option of providing them to selected user groups. By storing in the Internet, you have access to your documents from anywhere in the world at any time. To increase security and performance, individual Clouds or Intranets can be used.

About Viva

VIVA develops software for graphic design as well as for optimizing and automating marketing and layout processes for corporations in all branches as well as the graphics industry. With more than 200,000 users and customers, VIVA today is one of the leading suppliers of media services and software products. Learn more ...

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