11: New layout aids

VivaDesigner provides a large number of layout aids such as Guide Lines, Grid, Baseline Grid, Smart Guides and Guide Objects. As from Version 9 you will also have a Document Grid as well as a customizable bleed area.

New and improved guides

Working with Smart Guides has been drastically improved. The option now also addresses normal guides/guide objects as well as the new bleed option that can be defined in the document settings.

12: New HTML text import

With the new HTML import you can import HTML text perfectly with all its attributes. The tags or class definitions used in HTML are automatically mapped to existing style sheets in the document. In this way you can create text in any browser application and display it in VivaDesigner in different styles, always with typographic perfection. This all works fully automatically without any programming, complicated tables of manual editing. This option is particularly suited for working with CMS or publishing systems and VIVA publishing servers.

New layer functions

Duplicate layers with optional content takeover and automatic application of a language. In translation, for example, this option saves you the deletion of content in one language variation as well as the assignment of the new target language for every single text object in the document. Furthermore, in combination with the “Team Publishing” module, all objects on a layer may be applied to an assignment with a single keystroke.

PDF 2.0, PDF/X-4 & PDF/X-5

Previous versions support PDF formats up to PDF 1.6 and PDF/X-3. With Version 9 you can also create documents in the formats PDF 1.7 and PDF 2.0. Furthermore, Version 9 supports the PDF/X-4, PDF/X-4p and even the PDF/X-5g and PDF/X-5pg formats. The user interface for the creation of PDF/X files has been improved from the bottom up, so that even beginners should be able to create correct PDF/X documents. Version 9 also supports PDF layers.

Novel driving options for views and layers

You can not only split your document view but also synchronise navigation between the window splittings. Furthermore, for every window splitting you can define the layer display separately. For a document with several language levels, you can for example display the English text in one view and the German text in the other in parallel (layers).

01: Improved User Interface

The user interface has been completely overhauled: Palettes can now not only be stacked but also minimised, opened and combined in new groups. The palettes are displayed in the same way on all platforms and, with just a few exceptions (Mac OS), provide the same functionality. An additional new feature is the “Quick Access” bar palette with the most important attributes. The new user interface is a great advantage, particularly for Mac users.

13: High resolution monitors (UHD, 4K, 5 K)

Display documents perfectly on ultra-high resolution monitors with 4000 or 5000 pixels on all operating systems (Windows & Linux now, Mac OS). All control elements and icons adapt to the monitor resolution and are always displayed as crisp/sharp. Furthermore, as from Version 9 the view command “Original Size” (100%) corresponds to the real page size, irrelevant of the resolution of the monitor.

Technical Note:
In order to support low and high resolution screens at the same time, the way the VivaDesigner works has changed. In older versions images were displayed for symbols/icons in the program. Starting with version 9, the symbols/icons are generated dynamically based on the screen resolution when starting the program. This technique allows for optimal display of symbols/icons on the screen, regardless of the screen resolution.

If you have multiple screens, they should have the same or at least similar resolution, because at the start-up, the program decides on a resolution. This is usually the start-up screen. If you have multiple screens with different resolutions, you should place the control elementss such as palettes and tools on the start-up screen.

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New Script technology

With the new Script technology, you can automate your work with VivaDesigner. Use scripts to carry out complex operations or even to create completely new functions yourself that make your work much easier. Manipulate documents, pages, objects, text, images, tables, layers, colors or style sheets fully automatically – the possibilities are almost endless. Scripts are created in the standard language JavaScript and work on every platform.