Deactivate System Fonts

VivaDesigner enables fonts to be embedded in the document. In VivaDesigner 8, all the system fonts can also be deactivated. In this way you can ensure that the user can only use the fonts that are embedded in the document.


With notes you can store non-printable information and tips for other users in text and objects. As with change tracking, this option is suited for users who work in a team, or for users who only want to create a report protocol of their work.

Native PDF Import (PDF to Layout) (10.0)

Of course you can place a PDF in a picture object in VivaDesigner 10. But with the new, unique, native PDF import, you can create a layout document from any PDF that you can edit at will. This allows you to import documents quickly and easily from layout and illustration programs such as Freehand, PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Corel, Illustrator, FrameMaker or Office programs such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Awaken your archive to new life!

09: Improved path options

With the improved path tool you already create line and curve segments while drawing. Paths may also be closed or opened afterwards, and the beginning of a path can be recognized immediately due to a new special selection handle. Furthermore, new anchor or control handles can be inserted in any position of a line or curve segment.

10: New Options for editing paths (10.0)

The editing of paths has been completely redeveloped and greatly expanded. For this purpose a new tool and a new palette have been created with which you can convert, delete or add new sizing and control points. Multiple sizing points can be simultaneously selected, aligned, distributed, moved interactively or positioned precisely using dimension specifications.

10: Interactive scaling

Up to now, groups could be scaled using the dialog. With Version 9, not only groups but also all selected objects without any grouping can be scaled interactively, both freely and proportionally (A). A new sizing handle (B) helps you with interactive proportional scaling. Use an additional key or this new sizing handle to scale not only the object shape but also content such as images or text.

Color Management (9.5)

The color management function has been extended considerably. With the new rendering methods you can define how colors are interpreted on your screen. With the new option “Color Proof” you can define a color profile for your screen.