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VivaDesigner is an extremely easy-to-use AI-based design, publishing, layout, typesetting and illustration program for Windows, macOS, Linux and the Web that meets the highest design and typographic requirements.


Design what you want

Create any design for

Create any design for print social media tablet mobile

Design books, brochures, flyers, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, business cards, resumes, logos or ads and articles for social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or LinkedIn.

Create journals, magazines & newspapers online or on your desktop

Create brochures & leaflets online or on your desktop

Create newsletters online or on your desktop

Create Yearbooks & Student Newspapers online or on your desktop

Create resumés/CVs online or on your desktop

Create posters manually or fully automatically using a form online

Create business stationery like business cards, letters, etc. manually or fully automatically

Create catalogs manually or fully automatically with a database or excel file

Create complex books with footnotes, endnotes, running titles, automatic table of contents and index, etc.

Unrivaled high-end features

Design your documents with everything you expect from high-end publishing

  • Work on Desktop and/or in a Web Browser.
  • Perfect control over pages, objects, paths, texts, typography, characters, paragraphs, images, tables or barcodes.
  • Supports all languages and writing directions.
  • Artificial intelligence for automatic translations and images clipping.
  • Endless options for teamwork, workflow, import and export on all platforms.
  • Complete Editing System with Access Rights and Collection Option on Desktop or Web.
  • Brilliant InDesign import to open your existing documents.
  • Perfect PDF-Export.
  • Integration in any third party software.

Why VivaDesigner?

Why should I use VivaDesigner? VivaDesigner offers a wide range of tools, advantages and workflows for all kinds of users and branches.


Benefit: Create customer loyalty

“We use the VivaDesigner Web Edition with VivaCloud as a complement to InDesign®, so that our customers can edit their documents on the web. To do this, we simply import our existing InDesign® documents in seconds.”


Benefit: Working in team

“We use VivaCloud with the integrated VivaDesigner as the editorial system for our monthly magazines. What excites us is the option to work both online and offline with VivaDesigner. In both cases, we can determine exactly which editing options a user has.”

Private Users

Benefit: Low price and NO subscription

“I use the inexpensive desktop version of VivaDesigner, for which I bought a one-off licence. I’m happy not to be tied to a subscription anymore, and I save a lot of money.”


Benefit: Value through integration

“We were able to integrate VivaDesigner directly into our web portal. This allows us to create a great, unique added value for our customers.”


Benefit: Create outstanding workflows

“We use the VivaDesigner Web Edition with VivaCloud as a complement to InDesign®, so that our customers can edit their documents on the web.”


Benefit: Powerful editing system

“We use VivaCloud with the integrated VivaDesigner as the editorial system for our monthly magazines. What excites us is the option to work both online and offline with VivaDesigner. In both cases, we can determine exactly which editing options a user has. ”


Benefit: Save time and money

“With the artificial intelligence (AI) in VivaDesigner, we create perfect translations in over 15 languages in seconds at the touch of a button. We even use it to translate our InDesign documents, because the formatting is fully preserved. This saves an enormous amount of time and money.”


Benefit: One for all

“We use VivaDesigner as a classroom license and our students create yearbooks as a team using VivaCloud. This way we can use one program for different applications. ”

Clubs, Churches, NGOs

Benefit: Easy and fast results

“We use VivaDesigner for our monthly church magazine. The access rights allow everyone to work with the program immediately and achieve excellent results.”

Be yourself!

With VivaDesigner anyone can create perfect designs, because the program adapts to your skills like a chameleon.

  1. Simply set your Working Mode (Beginner, Advanced or Expert) and the program will offer you only the options you need.
  2. Apply Access Rights to determine in detail which editing rights a user has in a document.
  3. Define and save your individual workspace for palettes.

Work in a team

  • Create magazine, journal, book, or similar project on your desktop or online from multiple documents and combine them in one collection.
  • Manage and share your documents in VivaCloud and edit them with your colleagues on the desktop or directly in the browser like in an editorial system.

InDesign users darling

There are many excellent reasons why an InDesign user should use VivaDesigner. Here are just four simple reasons:

  1. You don´t like subscriptions?
  2. You want to edit InDesign documents in the browser?
  3. You want more team and workflow options?
  4. You want to share InDesign documents with customers, employees, or suppliers while maintaining full control over changes?

No subscription trap. Rent or buy.

With the unique license model with individual prices for companies, clubs and organizations, pupils, students and teachers, you can rent or buy VivaDesigner.

What real people say

ChayanutReplace InDesign ...
Read More
After I have tested your product for a while, I'm sure that VivaDesigner can replace InDesign.
AxelModern replacement ...
Read More
I just made some extensive tests and I can hardly tell you how delighted I am with it. I had actually given up looking for a modern replacement for Quark Xpress and Adobe. VivaDesigner reveals itself as so much more than a “modern replacement” for the above applications. ... A joy to use!
FrancisLivesaver ...
Read More
Your VivaDesigner automatic back up system has been a lifesaver! It rescued me from several mistakes I made. Outstanding work! You are the best!!
EtienneAlternative to InDesign ...
Read More
As I'm looking for a Linux alternative to InDesign, I found that VivaDesigner looks promising.
CarstenQuark Killer ...
Read More
By chance I came across your software “VivaDesigner” yesterday and I must say that the program is a real “Quark-Killer”. I have been working with QuarkXPress for 20 years and it is true to say that after a few minutes’ introductory practice I was able to work with it. Super!
ChristianI love VivaDesigner ...
Read More
I love VivaDesigner and mention your program whenever the subject of DTP is brought up. Since I am in regular contact with the media and layout fields, I can at least do a little bit of advertising for you as a thank you for your superb support!
WalterEasiest program ...
Read More
I just downloaded and tested the newest Free Edition of VivaDesigner (on Ubuntu) and am really delighted with the program. Of all the layout programs I’ve tried up to now (Ventura Publisher, Pagemaker 6.5, InDesign and Scribus) I find VivaDesigner is the easiest program to use.
FrankFor Beginner ...
Read More
I am very pleased how quickly I could find my way around the program as a beginner, thanks to the good documented introduction.
FaridPowerful and intuitive ...
Read More
Big compliments for the great job you are doing! I’m testing VIVA for about one week now and it is really a very powerful and intuitive program.
MariaMac, Linux and Unicode ...
Read More
I am writing to you now to mention my first great delight .... Now I have the version running on my MacBook, it can do so much, and then the Unicode support, and Linux - my work has become so much easier and I am really pleased!
Read More
Great program, congratulations!
RichardVery praiseworthy ...
Read More
My compliments to you that you have also developed your software under Linux. Unfortunately this is still pretty unusual in the commercial user environment and therefore very praiseworthy.
ThomasReally Super ...
Read More
I’m using your free version and I find your software really super.
KarstenGreat job ...
Read More
I should like to take this opportunity to compliment you on your program VivaDesigner. The program is simple to use and above all intuitive. Great job.
BernhardPrinter's demands ...
Read More
We are a local workshop involved in preparing a chronicle history of our community. The demands of our printer...are easily and completely covered with Viva.
HennerBest Desktop Publishing ...
Read More
I love working with VivaDesigner; it’s the best Desktop Publishing program available for an affordable price. Keep it up!
SvenBuy it ...
Read More
Respect, I like the program very much. I would like to buy it and will do so in the next few minutes.
BarbaraI am most impressed ...
Read More
I am testing VivaDesigner right now and I am most impressed. The creation of graphic and text objects works really well and easily.
ChristaQuite fascinated ...
Read More
I downloaded the Free Version yesterday, and am quite fascinated by the program.
KatharinaFirst class ...
Read More
First of all thumbs up for your VivaDesigner.... VivaDesigner is just what I have been looking for... first class!
JamesReplacement found ...
Read More
I have just downloaded your VivaDesigner program for Linux and am very impressed with it. I am looking for a replacement for my publishing program (as I am trying to move over to Linux permanently) and it is looking like this may be it.

What they say about our support

MartinAll problems solved ...
Read More
The prices offered by Adobe are generally too high for private individuals working at home. I will certainly inform other users of my positive experiences with VivaDesigner. The comparison to the other 2 well known programs speaks for itself...wonderful! All my problems have been solved with the version supplied by you in your usual genial way.
MariaRecommend for sure ...
Read More
I would very much like to buy VivaDesigner in the Academic Version. I already worked with VivaPress 1 to 3 and the current version is truly fantastic! You can be sure that I will recommend the program and your service everywhere. I imagine everyone who has worked with it says that!
MichaelDetailed answers ...
Read More
Many thanks for your detailed and extensive answers, which have helped me considerably...With your detailed answers you have realy impressed me. In the software branch this is limited to just a few firms.
OlafExtremely quick ...
Read More
Many thanks for the extremely quick and friendly assistance. This is not the case everywhere. I will be sure to recommend you!
HildegardExemplary support ...
Read More
If anyone ever asks me about exemplary support, I will certainly always reply “Viva”, I promise you. ... It is extremely reassuring to know that if in doubt you will attend to my remarks and, so to speak, make them your own. You don’t get that very often and it’s simply wonderful! Very many thanks.
JürgenExcellent support ...
Read More
Many thanks for your excellent support. ... Since you are heavily engaged in further development of your program and provide exemplary support, I am sure that there will always be a solution for any problems that may crop up.
ChristianPrompt reaction ...
Read More
I should like to say that I am very impressed with your support. Such a prompt reaction is rare and says a lot for your company! ....Many many thanks for your detailed reply!!!! I can only repeat - You are simply super!!!! I wish I could get this kind of support everywhere! It’s an example to others! Thanks!
AdrianoMany thanks ...
Read More
Many thanks for your trouble, I find this “Support” super and not something you find every day.
PaulI am delighted ...
Read More
As always with Viva I am delighted with your support. Thanks for the prompt and clear reply

Try & buy now

Get the free version or buy a full version for desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) or web.


Download VivaDesigner 11 lifetime free version, including time-limited full version (Commercial Edition) for all desktop platforms.

You can also use this download for a full version and unlock it with your purchased license.

Please click here for the system requirements.
If you have any questions, send us a message or read the FAQ.


NEW version or UPGRADE: Buy a VivaDesigner lifetime full version for all desktop platforms. No subscription.

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Rent VivaDesigner on a monthly or even cheaper annual basis. Including free upgrades. Cancel at any time*.

*We introduced this rental option at the customer’s request because some customers only want to use VivaDesigner temporarily. Ideal for testing VivaDesigner over a longer period of time.
Please click here for the system requirements.
If you have any questions, send us a message or read the FAQ.

Additional licenses/modules

VivaDesigner 11

Buy an additional licence for a 2nd computer of the SAME user.*

A separate table module for version 11 is not necessary, because this module is part of all purchase versions.

VivaDesigner 10

Buy an additional licence for a 2nd computer of the SAME user.*

Buy a table module for Personal Edition

*The additional licenses may only be purchased in connection with an existing license for VivaDesigner with the SAME Edition and Version! So if you already have a Commercial Edition V10, please select “Commercial Edition V10” again and NOT “Commercial Edition V11” or “Personal Edition V10”.

VIVA® Points

Buy VIVA Points for additional services such as fully automatic translation of text or fully automatic cropping of images.

VIVA® Points is a virtual, cashless currency that you can use to pay for services/additional benefits within VIVA® programs. You buy a certain number of points in the VIVA® Shop at a fixed price (package price) or defined exchange rate and can use them in all VIVA® products for various purposes.

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Rent a VivaDesigner Server in our data center. *

net price plus VAT per month for a one-year contract period

*1) One License VivaDesigner Desktop  (Commercial Edition) for ONE Computer

On Premises

Deploy the VivaDesigner Server in your data center.*

* Please note: This offer for SaaS and On Premises is for software vendors and commercial customers who want to integrate VivaDesigner Server into their application. For all other customers, VivaCloud with the integrated VivaDesigner Server is more suitable.