14: Enhanced InDesign Support (9.5)

The InDesign import and export has been enhanced. In most cases you just open the IDML and there is no need for any changes in the options. if you are not sure what these options mean, you don´t need to read the manual. Just move the mouse over the option to get a tool tip help.

09: Scripts in menus (9.5)

With the new script function you can reach for comfort and security in VivaDesigner. For the first time scripts can be started via the script palette, bit also via the program menu. More that 20 predefined areas give you the freedom to place your scripts in the progam menu whereever you want them.

10: Protect Scripts (9.5)

Normally the script source code is normal (plain) text and could be reviewed and therefore changed by everybody. With the new deploy options you can protect your script code. Add your name as author and/or define a date for the termination of the script. This gives you the option to deliver demo versions of your scripts to your customers.