The world will never be the same again:

The new “VIVA AI” is here

With VIVA’s new artificial intelligence (“VIVA AI”), VivaDesigner 11.1 completely redefines the rules for layout programs.
“VIVA AI” revolutionizes not only your efficiency, productivity and creativity, but also the way you work with text and images.

According to “Open AI”, VivaDesigner is the world's best layout program.

High score: We asked the latest AI software “GTP-4o” from “Open AI” to compare the layout program VivaDesigner with the seven best-known layout programs. VivaDesigner won this comparison with 93 out of a maximum of 100 points.
Read how VivaDesigner won this comparison with other programs and which criteria were used as a basis.

The (free) InDesign alternative

Are you looking for an alternative to InDesign?
Would you like to edit InDesign documents in the web browser?

Note: Please drag the red slider in the image to compare the quality and precision between InDesign® and VivaDesigner.

InDesign-Comparision-2023 VivaDesigner-Comparision-2023

InDesign users love VivaDesigner because this program is not only the perfect alternative and can replace InDesign, but with it they can not only replace InDesign, but also edit InDesign documents directly in the web browser. There are many good reasons for InDesign users to use VivaDesigner. VivaDesigner is the alternative to InDesign if you no longer want a subscription or want more team and workflow options. Supplement in Design with VivaDesigner if you want to edit InDesign documents live online in the browser.

The new VivaDesigner 11

  • FREE, AI-based, professional design, layout, typesetting, and illustration software.
  • For Windows, macOS, Linux and the web browser.
  • With more than 400 new features.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) for automatic translations and cropping of images.
  • Free upgrade for all customers who purchased in 2023.

VivaDesigner is a FREE, AI-based, professional design, layout, typesetting, and illustration software for Windows, macOS, Linux and the web.


VivaCloud is a powerful all-in-one web platform for Collaboration, Communication, Content, Creation and Publishing for everyone.

Database Publishing

Database Publishing allows you to fully automate the creation of simple to highly complex designs based on a data source and a set of custom rules.

InDesign users must-have

VivaDesigner is a must-have for most InDesign users. InDesign users love VivaDesigner for many reasons. They use VivaDesigner to complement or replace InDesign. Install the free lifetime version of VivaDesigner on your computer and just open InDesign files. Or open the InDesign document in your browser for free.



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